Trustees are elected by the Council and make up ESCP’s Board of Directors.

They are responsible for ensuring that ESCP is managed by the Executive and Council in a sound legal and financial way in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of the Society and to ensure that ESCP’s charitable objectives are preserved.

There are up to nine trustees representing the three European regions (western, central, eastern). They serve for three years and may stand for re-election.

The chair of the Board of Trustees reports matters arising from Trustee board meetings to the Council.

The current Board of Trustees are:

  • Chairman: Mike Parker (UK)
  • Giovanni Romano (Italy) 
  • Sebastiano Biondo (Spain)
  • Adam Dziki (Poland)
  • Julio Leite (Portugal)
  • Anna Martling (Sweden) 
  • Evgeny Rybakov (Russia)
  • Tom Scheinin (Finland)
  • Thomas Schiedeck (Germany)