New trial abstract submission is now closed

The following information is for reference only

Date and time of session: Thursday 27 September, 08:35 to 10:05.

Submissions are invited for consideration by the Research Committee, chaired by Dion Morton.

Submissions are invited relating to trials that are either new or ongoing but which require further recruitment on a national or international basis.

The best trials will be selected on merit for presentation of protocol during the session. Presentations will be reviewed by a panel of Experts and a prize will be awarded for the best presentation.

How to submit

All trials submissions should be made via the online form. You will need to provide a 200-word abstract, using the format shown. The abstracts of selected trials will be published in a Colorectal Disease supplement available at the meeting.

Important note: the submitted abstract must be no longer than 200 words and should be structured in the following way:

  1. Background
  2. Objectives and research questions
  3. Methods:
    • Design
    • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
    • Primary and secondary outcome parameters
    • Group size calculation
  4. Time frame and funding

Data collection

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Major Sponsors

ESCP gratefully acknowledges diamond sponsors Ethicon, Frankenman, Intuitive, Medtronic and Takeda, and sapphire sponsors B Braun and CMR Surgical.

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