TAMIS trainingDate: Saturday 29 September
Time: 09:30 - 16:00
Location: to be confirmed
Cost: €500 member, €700 Non-Member

Aimed at delegates with expertise in minimal invasive colorectal and transanal surgery. Advanced minimal invasive skills are required.

Innovations in coloproctology have pushed the limits of rectal surgery with regards to sphincter or even organ preserving strategies. The transanal is an old approach, however, fostered by new technology to widen the spectrum of surgical treatment of early to locally advanced rectal tumours.

This skills lab offers the opportunity to learn innovative techniques like TAMIS (TransAnal Minimal Invasive Surgery) or principles of TaTME (Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision) under the supervision of colorectal experts.

Course content

This one-day course comprises of theoretical instructions and practical exercises for the
safe and effective application of the transanal approach for local excision of benign and low-risk malignant rectal lesions, as well as the first steps of TaTME.

Learning objectives

Attendees should gain the following:

  • Learn about the indications for the transanal approach.
  • Learn about the technical challenges and the application of the devices (port and insufflation system.
  • Aware of the pitfalls and management of serious adverse events of transanal operations.
  • Able to perform transanal polypectomy and local excision of benign and low-risk malignant rectal lesions.
  • Able to perform first steps of TaTME (purse- string suture and circular rectal transsection).

Course directors

Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland), Felix Aigner (Germany)

Dieter HahnloserFelix Aigner

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