All attendees are asked to note that their name, institution and country will be made available to participating exhibitors. This information will also be available on a delegate list published on-site and on the event app. If you do not wish your details to be published, please ensure yo opt out during registration.

At the meeting, a QR code will be printed on the reverse side of your badge, giving you the option to present it to exhibitors, or not if you prefer.

ESCP represents a significant investment for companies whose support is very valuable and enables us to keep registration rates down (and lower!). Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Major Sponsors

ESCP gratefully acknowledges diamond sponsors Ethicon, Frankenman, Intuitive, Medtronic and Takeda, and sapphire sponsors B Braun and CMR Surgical.

Intuitive Advert: Beyond the TechnologyTakeda - visit booth 26 for more informationB Braun: Endo-SPONGE, Colorectal Leakage TreatmentCMR Surgical details of event on 28 Sept, 09:20-09:45

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