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ESCP|ESGAR Radiology for Surgeons Course | Tuesday 24 September 2024 | 10:00 - 17:45 CEST

Several highly relevant topics will be discussed in a hands-on manner. Experts in the field of radiology and coloproctology will teach you proper interpretation of images, as well as the clinical relevance of these findings. Hands-on clinical images will be available for your interpretation.

Learning Objectives:
To learn to interpret different clinical MRI, CT and dynamic radiology images as well as learning the clinical implications of radiologic findings.

1. MRI for Rectal Cancer.
2. MRI for Fistula.
3. CT & Vascular Anatomy for Right Colon.

Fee: ESCP Member: €300 (excluding VAT) | Non-Member: €400 (excluding VAT).

Course Directors:
Jaap Stoker (The Netherlands), Eloy Espin Basany (Spain).



10:00 - 10:15 Welcome
10:15 - 12:15 CT for Vascular Anatomy Right Colon Cancer (Radiologist: Anne Negard / Surgeon: Carmen Cagigas):
Introduction in CT Vascular (Meso) Colonic Anatomy: Anne Negard | Interpretation of Right Colon Cancer Vascular Anatomy: Anne Negard | Case Based Discussion Based on Imaging Including Clinical Decision Making: Anne Negard & Carmen Cagigas
Topics: Vascular Variants, Nodal Drainage, D3/M1 Node Differentiation, Role of PET
12:15 - 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 - 15:00 MRI for Perianal Fistula (Radiologist: Jordi Rimola / Surgeon: TBC): 
Introduction in MRI Pelvic Floor and Sphincter Anatomy: Jordi Rimola | Interpretation of Perianal Fistula MRI: Jordi Rimola | Case Based Discussion Based on MRI Including Clinical Decision Making: Jordi Rimola & TBC
Topics: Cryptoglandular, Crohn’s Disease, Mimickers
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 - 17:30 MRI for Rectal Cancer (Radiologist: TBC / Surgeon: Brechtje Grotenhuis):
Introduction in MRI Rectal and Mesorectal Anatomy: TBC | Interpretation of Rectal Cancer MRI: TBC | Case Based Discussion Based on MRI Including Clinical Decision Making: TBC & Brechtje Grotenhuis
Topics: Early Cancer, Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer, Side Wall Nodes
17:30 - 17:45 Wrap-up and Final Comments / Evaluation Forms for Assistants / Close of Course