Day 3 - Virtually Vilinus

Time (CEST)Event
12:30 - 13:00

ESCP Annual General Meeting

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Passcode: 455694

All delegates are welcome to attend the AGM, however only full ESCP members can vote.

13:25 - 13:55 Sponsored Symposium
13:55 - 16:05 Educational
13:55 - 14:00


Host: Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland)

14:00 - 14:50

For Trainees

  • Protective ileostomy only in selected cases - Tomas Poskus (Lithuania)
  • Anal Fistula: options - Bruno Roche (Switzerland)
  • Haemorrhoidectomy: the traditional way - Monica Millan (Spain)
  • Rectal prolapse: what to do? - Karoline Horisberger (Switzerland)
  • Fellowships and EBSQ examination in Coloproctology - David Zimmerman (The Netherlands)
14:50 - 15:10

Panel Discussion

Hosts: Stéphanie Breukink (The Netherlands), Tatiana Garmanova (Russia)

15:10 - 16:00

Abstract Presentations

  • OP07: Elective cancer surgery in COVID-19 free surgical pathways during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: an international, multi-centre, comparative cohort study - COVIDSurg Collaborative (UK)
  • OP08: Septin 9 as a follow-up biomarker in colorectal cancer - Miguel Leon Arellano (Spain)
  • Genome-wide association analysis in 401,583 individuals identifies novel therapeutic targets for haemorrhoids - Waheed-Ul-Rahman Ahmed (UK)
  • OP11: CRP daily variation - a valuable tool for excluding anastomotic leakage - Ricardo Rocha (Portugal)
15:50 - 15:55


Host: Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland)

17:05 - 19:10 Colorectal Cancer
17:05 - 17:10


Host: Evangelos Xynos (Greece)

17:10 - 18:20
  • Microsatellite instability for colorectal surgeons - Nick West (UK)
  • Cancer risk and surgical considerations in Lynch syndrome - Toni Seppälä (Finland)
  • Do we need more or less chemotherapy for colon cancer? - Eric Van Cutsem (Belgium)
  • "Quality" D2 versus D3 lymphadenectomy in colorectal cancer - Alexsei Petrov (Russia)
  • Short-course RT for rectal cancer - a step towards TNT? - Anna Martling (Sweden)
  • Risk assessment of lateral lymph nodes and therapeutic implications in rectal cancer - George Chang (USA)
  • Cytoreduction with or without HIPEC for peritoneal carcinomatosis - Diane Goere (France)
18:20 - 18:35

Panel Discussion

Hosts: Miguel Pera (Spain), Gianluca Pellino (Italy)

18:35 - 18:50

Standardised Trainee Video: Open low anterior resection - Ayhan Kuzu (Turkey)
18:50 - 19:50

Abstract Presentations

  • OP12: Safety of change in practice from minimally invasive to open gastrointestinal cancer surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: international cohort study - Joana Simoes (UK)
  • OP13: Highly selective diversion with pro-active leakage management after low anterior resection for rectal cancer is a safe strategy with potential benefits - Kevin Talboom (The Netherlands)
  • Digital human project: 3D photogrammetry for human cadaveric pelvic specimens: an innovation in colorectal anatomical education - Jordon Fletcher (UK)
  • Influence of minimally invasive resection technique on sphincter preservation and short term outcome in low rectal cancer in The Netherlands - Marieke Rutgers (The Netherlands)
  • OP09: Local recurrence and disease-free survival two years after transanal total mesorectal excision: results of the International TaTME Registry - Sapho Roodbeen (The Netherlands)
  • OP10: Anastomotic techniques and leakage rates in minimally invasive right hemicolectomy for cancer. A 4-year nationwide cohort from the Danish Colorectal Cancer Registry (DCCG) - Helene Juul Würtz (Denmark)
19:50 - 20:00

Wrap-up ESCP Virtual Week

Host and ESCP President: Evangelos Xynos (Greece)

20:00 - 21:00 Sponsored Symposium