Photo of Eric RullierProfessional title: Professor of General and Digestive Surgery

Year of primary qualifications: 1991 (surgical qualification), 2001 (academic qualification)

Current institution: Saint-Andre Hospital, University of Bordeaux, France

Keynote Lecture: Rectal cancer - is it time to do less?

Learning objectives: to understand the advantages and disadvantages of standard surgery for rectal cancer; to learn about the rate of complete and subcomplete response after neoadjuvant therapy; to clarify the different strategies and patient selection for organ preservation

Clinical/research background

Eric Rullier is Head of the Department of Surgery and Chairman of Colorectal Surgery at Saint-Andre University Hospital in Bordeaux, France. He developed clinical research in rectal cancer surgery. His main topics are low rectal cancer, ultra-low sphincter preservation, mini invasive surgery and management of tumour response after neoadjuvant therapy. He demonstrated the oncologic safety of the technique of intersphincteric resection for very low rectal cancer and participated to the European development of laparoscopic surgery in rectal cancer. Eric Rullier also proposed a classification of low rectal cancer to standardize surgery and facilitate sphincter-saving surgery.

He founded in 2005 the French Surgical Group of Rectal Cancer Research (GRECCAR) with the objective of developing multi-centre national randomized trials, focusing on technical issues of TME surgery and innovative strategies in management of rectal cancer. In a 10-year period, 1500 patients have been included in seven trials. Subjects such as: local versus rectal excision in good responders after radiochemotherapy, to drain or not to drain after TME, tailoring management of rectal cancer depending on the response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, prevention of colostomy hernia, role of increased time interval between radiotherapy and surgery, transanal versus transabdominal TME, role of TME in palliative surgery will be the contribution of the GRECCAR French group in rectal cancer research.

Eric Rullier is director of European workshops in laparoscopic colorectal surgery and organized laparoscopic TME courses. He is also an active member of the ESCP, working in the research board of the society. His scientific production includes more than 70 English publications and 300 conferences, all in rectal cancer surgery.

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

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