Photo of Ian DanielsProfessional title: Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon

Year of primary qualification: 1993

Current institution: Exeter Colorectal Unit, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter, UK

Title of presentation: Complex abdominal reconstruction (Core Subject Update)

Clinical/research background

Ian went to medical school in Cardiff and junior surgical posts were completed in south Wales. Having rotated through the SW Thames Surgical Rotation, Ian spent a number of years in Basingstoke and then Oxford, before being appointed to Exeter in 2006 where he continues to practice.

His breakthrough in research was the MERCURY Study of MRI staging and this influenced his surgical career that now focuses on advanced disease, low rectal cancer, recurrent disease, intestinal failure, surgical complications and abdominal wall reconstructive surgery. Ian travels widely lecturing and performing surgery on low rectal cancer and complex hernia cases. As Honorary President of the Colostomy Association, Ian has a research interest in stomas.

Ian works closely with Mr Neil Smart and colleagues in Exeter as they develop their unit as a centre for Colorectal surgical excellence.

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

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