Photo of Tom ØreslandProfessional title: Professor

Year of primary qualification: 1980

Current institution: Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo and Dept of GI surgery, Akershus University Hospital, Oslo, Norway

Title of presentation: Ileal pouch dysfunction (Symposium: Functional disorders following intestinal resection)

Learning objectives: My presentation will focus on surgically amendable functional problems in pouch patients who have a suboptimal bowel function. Patients with pouch malfunction should be thoroughly evaluated and given the best available information on their choices. Achieving good bowel function in as many patients as possible will necessitate that pouch surgery is performed in high volume institutions only.

Clinical/research background

My main interests in research is with pouches and pelvic floor problems. I first published on pouch related problems in 1988 and have continued since then. I have spent most of my academic career at the Sahlgrenska Akademy in Gothen burg Sweden, the team has up till now produced five PhD thesis on pouch related problems. At my present institution in Oslo we are building a center of excellence for pouch surgery and research. I am also engaged in the pelvic floor centre at our hospital.

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

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