alois furstProfessional title: Professor

Date of primary qualification: 1996

Current Institution:
Department of Surgery, Caritas-Clinic St. Josef, Regensburg, Germany

Invited presentation:
Benign rectovaginal fistulas

Learning objectives:
Rectovaginal fistulas are rare but frequently a challenge for the surgeon. The rectovaginal wall is rather thin and scary due to infection or radiation therapy in the past. The problem exists sometimes also in Crohn’s patients. To close a rectovaginal fistula an individual concept is mandatory for the majority of the patients. If conventional surgical techniques fail to close the fistula tract additional surgical procedures like biological meshes or transposition of the gracilis muscles may be successful in many cases. A series of 50 patients after graciloplasty to close a rectovaginal fistula will be presented at the ESCP-congress.

Summary of clinical and research background

  • 1982-84: University of Regensburg
  • 1984-89: University of Wuerzburg, Graduation
  • 1990: Graduation: "The physiological relaxation of the M. sphincter ani internus"
  • 1992
    • Introduction and organisation of an anorectal laboratory;
    • Scientifical projects in anorectal manometry und endosonography;
    • Functional studies in sphincter preserving rectal resections;
    • Transversal und longitudinal endosonography and decision making in sphincter preserving rectal surgery
    • Prognostic factors and surgical principles in rectal cancer
  • 1994: National Multicenter Study: Adjuvant vs. neoadjuvant Radiochemotherapy in rectal cancer stage II/III CAO-94
  • 1995: Hospitation at St. Marks Clinic London (Prof. Nicholls)
  • 1996: Minimal invasive surgery in benign and malignant colorectal diseases
  • 1996-1999: Prospective randomized study „Colon-J-Pouch vs. Coloanal anastomosis in distal rectal cancer“
  • 1998: Hospitation at the Cleveland Clinic Florida (Prof. Wexner)
  • 1999: Evaluation of the Dynamic MRI of the pelvic floor
  • 2000: Prospective randomized study „Colon-J-Pouch vs. Coloplasty in distal rectal cancer”
  • 2001: Prospective randomized Multicenterstudy “Colon-J-Pouch vs. Coloplasty vs. Straight Coloanal Anastomosis in distal rectal cancer” (Prof. Fazio, Cleveland Ohio)
  • 2002: Post graduation: „Sphincter preserving surgery in rectal cancer - Functional aspects of colonic pouch procedures“
  • 2003: Interdisciplinary Center for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
  • 2004: Initiation of the COLOR II-Study in Germany (Laparoscopic vs. open rectal resection in rectal cancer - A prospective randomized multicenter study)
  • 2004: Initiation of the STARR-Registry in Germany (Prospective survey of Stapled Transanal rectal resection)
  • 2007: Participation to the CAO-AIO-ARO-04-Study
  • 2008: Anal Fistula Plug Study, Solesta Study
  • 2008: Certification of the German Visceral Surgery Society (DGAV): Competence and Reference Center in Coloproctology
  • 2008: National Representative of European Society of Coloproctology
  • 2009: Introduction of a new laparoscopic Solo-surgery system
  • 2010: Certification of the German Tumor Society (DKG): Colorectal Cancer Center
  • 2012: Guideline group “Cryptoglandular fistula, anal abscess, rectovaginal fistula”
  • 2013: Short-term results : Laparoscopic versus open surgery for rectal cancer (COLOR II study group)


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  • Section of Coloproctology of the German Society of Surgery (CACP) Poster-Award 2004. Swol-Ben J, Schifferer C, Schlitt HJ, Fürst A. Quality of internet information in term of stool incontinence
  • Section of Coloproctology of the German Society of Surgery (CACP) Poster-Award 2007. Stadler F, Schmidbauer C, Schwandner O, Fürst A. Graciloplasty for closure of recurrent rectovaginal fistula

Relevant peer reviewed publications within last 5 years

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