Gianluca SampietroProfessional title: Consultant Surgeon, Honorary Professor of Surgery

Date of primary qualification: 1996

Current institution: Department of Surgery 'Luigi Sacco' University Hospital, Italy

Title of presentation:
Surgical management of severe colorectal Crohn's disease

Learning objectives:
Indication and timing of surgical treatment of colorectal Crohn’s disease, with particular attention to preoperative medical therapy, intraoperative findings, operative strategy and postoperative results. Laparoscopic options will be emphasized and the place for IPAA specifically addressed.

Summary of clinical/research background

Responsible for a special unit designed to operate as a National Referral Center for the Surgical Treatment of IBD. The unit is part of a multidisciplinary network, together with gastroenterologists, pathologists, paediatricians, oncologists, rheumatologists and radiologists with the aim of providing high quality of care for IBD patients from the whole country. The outpatient’s clinic of Surgery and Stoma-therapy for IBD patients, organized jointly with a Consultant Gastroenterologist, has a volume of 500 patients a year; I’ve performed over 2000 surgical procedures in General, Oncologic, IBD, and Minimal Invasive Surgery. I’ve a special surgical interest in advanced colorectal and IBD laparoscopic surgery (more than 75% of abdominal procedure are performed laparoscopically). I’m specialist in enteral and parenteral nutrition for critical surgical patients, specialist in advanced wound dressings for surgical and trauma patients. I’m project leader and project partner in research projects in general and gastrointestinal surgery, and in basic science, clinical and surgical aspects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I’m author of original articles (Impact Factor 167,551), abstracts, book chapters, scientific CD-Roms and DVDs.

Relevant peer reviewed publications within last 5 years

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