Giorgio StassiProfessional title: Associate Professor in General Pathology

Date of primary qualification: 1997

Current institution:
University of Palermo, Department of Surgical and Oncological Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology Laboratory

Title of invited presentation:
Colon cancer stem cells: Clinical and therapeutic implications

Learning objectives:
The involvement of CSCs in several types of tumors is gaining interest. The CSC hypothesis has important implications for understanding key biological processes of carcinogenesis and developing innovative therapeutic strategies selectively targeted to the population that fuels neoplastic growth and maintenance. Antineoplastic agents have been largely developed through testing in animal models as well as in phase II human trials. In both of these, the measured outcome has been shrinkage of tumors. However, if CSCs are inherently resistant to therapeutic agents and if these cells comprise only a minority of the tumor cell population, then shrinkage of tumors may reflect the effects of these agents on the differentiated cells of a tumor rather than on the CSC compartment. This may explain why in clinical trials for advanced cancers, tumor regression often does not translate into clinically significant increases in patient survival. This has been shown in many tumor types, including breast and colon tumors. Besides, the understanding and the evaluation of the mechanisms that regulate the apoptotic process and consequently cancer stem cells proliferation, would be useful for the elaboration of new and more appropriate therapies, that together with conventional chemotherapeutic drugs, could reduce cancer stem cells survival, which seem to be the most responsible cells for the tumoral minimal residual disease induction and metastasis formation.


Summary of research background

In the last years, Giorgio Stassi became a pioneer in isolating and characterizing human cancer stem cells from solid tumors and in elucidating their remarkable apoptosis resistance mediated by interleukins. He has identified the role of certain cytokines, most importantly of IL-4, to block apoptosis in cancer cells in an autocrine fashion, i.e. the tumor cell itself provides the apoptosis-inhibitory stimulus by production of IL-4. They also described the importance of the neutralization of IL-4 in the sensitization of cancer cells and cancer stem cells to conventional chemotherapy. Recently, he is focusing on the role of microenvironment on cancer stem cells. He aims to identify a molecular marker of a metastatic behaviour that could be clinically exploited both as a biomarker and therapeutic target in the adjuvant setting.His principal research focus are: tumor sensitization by neutralizing IL-4, regulation of apoptosis by IL-4, characterization and sensitization to chemotherapy of colon and breast cancer stem cells, tumorigenic and metastatic properties of cancer stem cells, evaluation of molecular targets involved in the survival and differentiation pathways of cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo.

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