goran barisicProfessional titles:
Associate Professor of Surgery, Digestive surgery specialist, General surgeon

Date of primary qualification: 1998

Current institution:
First Surgical Clinic, Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade

Title of invited presentation:
Sphincteroplasty today

Learning objectives:
Current indications for anal sphincter repair (sphincteroplasty); comment on different techniques of anal sphincter repair; short term results of sphincteroplasty (functional results and morbidity); long term results and factors influencing outcome; comparison with other techniques.

Summary of clinical/research background

Associate Professor Barisic’s primary areas of interest and clinical research are functional disorders of the pelvic floor and surgical treatment of colorectal cancer. Consequently, most of his publications come from these fields. Professor Barisic has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of fecal incontinence using the sphincter repair technique. He also has experience in the treatment of fecal incontinence using dynamic graciloplasty and gluteus maximus-plasty, and recently has adopted the technique of sacral nerve stimulation. Apart from surgery, he performs diagnostic procedures for the evaluation of fecal incontinence including 2D and 3D techniques of endorectal ultrasound imaging (for both malignant and benign pathology); as well as anal manometry and measurements of rectal sensitivity. Quality of life studies after surgical treatment, especially after anal sphincter repair and surgery for rectal cancer, are another area of his research.

Relevant peer reviewed publications

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