jane blazebyProfessional title: Professor of Surgery

Date of primary qualification: 1988

Current institution: University of Bristol, UK

Title of invited presentation:
The need for consensus, consistency and core outcome sets in clinical trials

Learning objectives:
The overall aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the need for the use of core outcome sets in clinical trials. The problems associated with outcome reporting in trials will be described, including inconsistent selection of measures which limits data synthesis and comparison and problems with selective outcome reporting leading to outcome reporting bias and incorrect estimates of treatment effect. A solution to these problems will be presented, with the recommendation for the development and wide spread use of core outcome sets in clinical trials. Core outcome sets are an agreed set of outcomes to be reported as a minimum in all trials of particular clinical conditions. Methods to develop core outcome sets will be presented and this will all be illustrated with examples from surgical oncology.


Summary of clinical/research background

Jane Blazeby is Professor of Surgery at the University of Bristol and an Honorary Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. She studied Medicine at Bristol University and undertook higher surgical training in the South West of England before gaining a honorary consultant post and a prestigious MRC Clinician Scientist award in 2000.

Jane has led many methodological research projects to improve the evaluation of surgical interventions from the perspective of the patient as well as the surgeon. She directs a UK MRC Hub for Trials Methodology Research, the new Royal College of Surgeons of England Bristol Surgical Trials Centre and is the chief investigator of three RCTs in surgery. She believes that effective collaboration between surgeons and methodologists will improve the design and conduct of research in surgery which will contribute to raising standards of surgical practice world wide.

Relevant peer reviewed publications within last 5 years

Jane has published over 130 peer reviewed papers. Key recent ones are listed below.

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