Jean Pierre HugotProfessional titles: Professor of Pediatrics (Faculty of Medicine, Paris Diderot University), Head of Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (Robert Debré Hospital), Head of Research Unit (U843 INSERM, Paris Diderot University)

Date of primary qualification: 1994

Current institutions: Paris Diderot University, Robert Debré Hospital, Paris, France

Title of invited presentation:
Genetics of inflammatory bowel diseases

Learning objectives:
To understand the complex genetic model underlying the genetic susceptibility to IBD. To know the main results obtained by the recent genetic studies performed on IBD. To know the clinical impact of genetics in practice. To understand the advances and limits of genetic studies.


  • Graduation in pediatric gastroenterology, assistant professor and professor (since 2003) at Robert Debré Hospital, Paris (Prof Navarro and Prof Cézard).
  • PhD at Institut Curie (Prof Thomas) in 1996 (localisation of the first IBD susceptibility locus). Post-doc fellowship (1996-1998) at Foundation Jean Dausset - CEPH (identification of NOD2 as a Crohn Disease susceptibility gene). Leader of a research team on inflammatory bowel diseases since 1998.

Relevant publications within the last 5 years

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