Paris TekkisProfessional title: Professor of Colorectal Surgery

Date of primary qualification: 1994

Current institutions:
The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, and Imperial College, London

Title of invited presentation:
Pelvic surgery for advanced and recurrent rectal cancer - where is the limit? Selection and staging.

Learning objectives:
To present the recently published guidelines on the selection criteria, pre-operative staging, management and follow-up of patients presenting with resectable advanced rectal cancer.

Summary of clinical/research background

Professor Tekkis and his team specialise in colorectal and minimally invasive surgery. They are internationally respected for their work in advanced rectal cancer and re-operative surgery for inflammatory bowel disease.

He is the Chairman of the "Beyond TME Collaborative" responsible for the publication of International Guidelines for the multidisciplinary management of advanced rectal cancer. He is also known for the development of The UK National Bowel Cancer Audit and The National Ileal Pouch Registry.

He has supervised over 30 MD /PhD studentships. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals with over 7,000 citations. He has contributed to 22 books and has given over 350 presentations and lectures in 22 countries.

Professor Tekkis has received numerous awards and honours, amongst which includes the Hunterian Professorship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Honorary Professorship from St George’s Nicosia University, University of Athens, Visiting Professor at St Mary’s University of Hong Kong and The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA. Other awards include the David Dunn Medal from the Association of Endoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Piedmont Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons’ Award from the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.

Relevant peer reviewed publications within last 5 years

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  • Bhangu A, Ali SM, Brown G, Nicholls RJ, Tekkis P. Indications and Outcome of Pelvic Exenteration for Locally Advanced Primary and Recurrent Rectal Cancer. Ann Surg. 2013 Mar 8. [Epub ahead of print].
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