Thomas SchiedeckProfessional title:
Director of the Department of General and Visceral Surgery, Visceral Surgeon

Date of primary qualification: 1990

Current institution:
Clinic Ludwigsburg, Teaching Hospital University Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Title of invited presentation:
Haemorrhoids: cut, pexy, ligation: when and how

Education and training

  • 1983-1990: Study of Medicine, Julius-Maximilian University, Wuerzburg, Scientific Degree Dr. med.
  • 1987-1991: Julius-Maximilian University, Wuerzburg, Surgery. "Encyme-Activity of α-Glucosidase and β-Galactosidase in Serum of rabbits in mesenteric ischemia"
  • 1990-1996: Surgical Education, University Hospital Luebeck, Prof. Dr. H.P Bruch. General Surgeon: 13.11.1996. Oberarzt: 01.04.1997. Secondary Education: Study of Cellbiology, University Luebeck
  • 1996-1999: Special Training "Visceral Surgery", University Hospital Luebeck. Degree: 26.05.1999. Specialty: Coloproctology. European Board of Surgical Qualification (EBSQ) 13.09.2002
  • 2000: Thesis, University Luebeck, "Molecular biological Serum Markers in Colorectal Cancer".

Special interests

Oncological Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery


  • Congress Award: German Society of Coloproctology 1998 "Serological Diagnostic in patients with colorectal cancer - New Molecularbiological Marker"
  • Poster Award "Stiftung Coloplast" 2000 "L6 a specific Tumourmarker in colorectal Cancer"
  • Best Oral Presentation: CACP 2002 "Laparoscopic Treatment in Diverticulitis: Functional results compared to conventional open treatment"
  • Adolf Kußmaul Award 2002 with PD. Dr. Thilo Wedel and Prof. H. Krammer "Oligoneuronal hypoganglionosis in patients with idiopathic slow-transit constipation"

Membership and honorary posts

  • German Society of Surgery
  • German Society of Viceral Surgery, CACP, CAO, CAES
  • German Society of Coloproctoogy (DGK)
  • European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES)
  • European Association of Coloproctology (EACP)
  • American Society of Colorectal Surgeons (ASCRS)
  • International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ISUCRS)
  • Treasurer German Society of Coloproctology


  • Clinico Viedma, Universidad Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Centro Andino, Aramasí, Bolivia
  • Prof. Weder/Prof. Largiader, Zürch, Videoscopic Thorax Surgery, Visceral Surgery
  • Prof. Cadiere, Brussels, Laparoscopische Gastric Surgery
  • Prof. Darzi, St. Mary´s, London, Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
  • Prof. Baeten, Maastricht, Dynamic Graciloplasty
  • Prof. Lehur, Nantes, Artificial Bowel Sphincter


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