Tom ØreslandProfessional title: Professor

Date of primary qualification: 1974

Current institution:
University of Oslo, Akershus University Hospital, Department of GI Surgery

Title of invited presentation:
Diverticular disease - Emergency surgery

Learning objectives for members and delegates from your presentation:
The best emergency surgery for acute diverticular disease are still not very well defined. Laparoscopic lavage has emerged as an attractive option with initial reports pointing to a very low mortality and morbidity. However the controlled studies now emerging seems to modify the initial enthusiasm. The learning objectives will be an update of our present knowledge on emergency surgeries for acute diverticular disease. I will also point to the fact that we might be over treating patients and that the differences in thresholds for surgery makes it even more difficult to compare outcomes.

Summary of clinical/research background

My main research interest are in IBD surgery and functional disorders and these are the fields of my publications. I have worked at the Colorectal Unit at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg for 26 Years. The last 6 years I have been a full time professor at the University of Oslo with my clinical attachment at the Dept. of GI Surgery, Akershus University Hospital. We are now well underway in establishing a national centre of excellence for IBD treatment and research at our institution. Among other things we are responsible for the SCANDIV study, a multicentre Scandinavian study comparing laparoscopic lavage with primary resection in acute perforated diverticular disease.

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