odwyerTitle of presentation: My five stomas (Patient perspectives on stoma and transplantation)

Christina`s first ileostomy was sited in 1994, aged 9, following a total colectomy for suspected Ulcerative Colitis. A J pouch was successfully created in 2003 and closure of the loop ileostomy . Her third stoma was sited in 2006 after two years of intermittent small bowel obstruction. This stoma was closed but following sepsis and development of an enterocutaneous fistula, an ileostomy and a defunctioning jejunostomy were constructed in 2007. Christina managed seven months of home TPN without one episode of line sepsis! The jejunostomy was subsequently closed and since early 2009 she has an end ileostomy. Her current diagnosis is Crohn’s Disease for which she is taking Humeira.

Information submitted for ESCP Dublin 2015

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