David ZimmermanYear of primary qualification: 2010

Current institution: St Elisabeth and TweeSteden Hospitals, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Social media contact: Linkedin

Title of presentation: First aid in fistula surgery (Trainees Video Session)

Learning objectives: To show a number of basic procedures of fistula surgery. Primarily the identification by probing and instillation of hydrogen peroxide will be demosnstrated. Furthermore simple fistulotomy, LIFT and Advancement Flap will be presented.

Clinical/research background

Most of my research was performed into the diagnosis and treatment of transsfincerich perianal fistulas, especially into factors related to the outcome of transanal advancement flap repair. Currently, our Tilburg Research group is conducting clinical investigations into the otpimisation of optimal perioperative care for ostomy patients and the development and refinement of minimally invasive procedures (colorectal cancer, IBD, single port surgery, transanal surgery).

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

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  5. Mitalas LE, van Onkelen RS, Monkhorst K, Zimmerman D. Identification of epithelialization in high transsphincteric fistulas.

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