Current institution: Department of Rectal Cancer Surgery, State Research Centre of Coloproctology, Russia

Title of presentation: Salvage surgery for anal cancer (Symposium: AIN and anal malignancy)

Clinical/research background

Evgeny Rybakov is a graduate from the Russian Medical University in Moscow 1996. He did his surgical training at the State Scientific Centre of Coloproctology. In 1999 he had oncology surgery training at Robert Roessel Klinik in Berlin, Germany. Then he was hired to staff of the State Scientific Centre of Coloproctology and in 2011 he took position of the Head of the Department of Rectal Cancer Surgery at the Centre. His special interest is rectal and anal neoplasia. He is author of numerous scientific articles in this field in national medical journals. In 2003 he was awarded by the Prize of Russian Government in Science and Technique.

Information submitted for ESCP Dublin 2015

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