Klaus WeberYear of primary qualification: 1995

Current institution: Department of Surgery, University of Erlangen, Germany

Title of presentation: Left flexure mobilisation: open (Trainees Video Session)

Learning objectives: Separation of the embryological planes; Preservation of the mesocolic plane by sharp dissection; Lymphnode dissection with central ligation of the inferior mesenteric artery; Preservation of the autonomic plexuses around the aorta; Complete mobility of the left flecture and the entire left hemicolon

Clinical/research background

  • Lymph node dissection in colorectal cancer
  • Surgical quality in colorectal cancer
  • CME
  • Anatomy of the colon
  • Pelvic reconstruction after ELAPE and pelvic exenteration

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

  1. Perrakis A, Weber K, Merkel S, Matzel K, Agaimy A, Gebbert C, Hohenberger W. Lymph node metastasis of carcinomas of transverse colon including flexures. Consideration of the extramesocolic lymph node stations. Int J Colorectal Dis (2014) 29(10):1223-1229
  2. Lux P, Weber K, Hohenberger W. Laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer: quality requirements for (extended) right hemicolectomy. Chirurg (2014) 85(7):593-598 (German)
  3. Horch RE, Hohenberger W, Eweida A, Kneser U, Weber K, Arkudas A, Merkel S, Göhl J, Beier JP. A hundred patients with vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous (VRAM) flap for pelvic reconstruction after total pelvic exenteration. Int J Colorectal Dis (2014) 29(7):813-823
  4. Kobayashi H, West NP, Takahashi K, Perrakis A, Weber K, Hohenberger W, Quirke P, Sugihara K. Quality of surgery for stage III colon cancer: comparison between England, Germany, and Japan. Ann Surg Oncol (2014) 21(Suppl3):S398-404 Prognostic subdivision of ypT3 rectal tumours according to extension beyond the muscularis propria.

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