Roger RobertYear of primary qualification: 1977

Current institution: Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital, Nantes, France

Title of presentation: Idiopathic anal pain (Symposium: Common problems in proctology)

Learning objectives: Explanation of neuropathic pain arizing from the anal area; Study of neurological tracts conducting the pain; Means of treatments

Clinical/research background

Member of the Nantes team for research on pelvic and perineal pain. Pionneer of the pudendal nerve surgery.

Relevant peer-reviewed publications

  1. Buffenoir K, Rioult B, Hamel O, Labat JJ, Riant T, Robert R. Spinal cord stimulation of the onus medullaris for refractory pudendal neuralgia: a prospective study of 27 consecutive cases. Neurourol Urodyn. 2015;34:177-82.
  2. Ploteau S, Labat JJ, Riant T, Levesque A, Robert R, Nizard J. New concepts on functional chronic pelvic and perineal pain: pathophysiology and multidisciplinary management. Discov Med. 2015;19:185-92.
  3. Louppe JM, Nguyen JP, Robert R, Buffenoir K, de Chauvigny E, Riant T et al.Nizard J. Motor cortex stimulation in refractory pelvic and perineal pain: Report of two successful cases. Neurourol Urodyn. 2013;32:53-7.
  4. Rigaud J, Riant T, Labat JJ, Guerineau M, Robert R. Is section of the sympathetic rami communicantes by laparoscopy in patients with refractory low back pain efficient? Eur Spine J. 2013;22:775-81.
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