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ESCP is committed to facilitating an inclusive conference that is open to all which is why we are delighted to offer a financial support package for up to 5 applicants for whom attendance at an ESCP Conference may not ordinarily be an option.

Successful applicants must satisfy the follow criteria:

  1. Must be employed in a relevant coloproctology role.
  2. Must reside and practice in a country ranked 100 or higher in the IMF’s GDP per Capita table. Click here to view this table.
  3. Must submit a report, prior to their attendance at conference, on the state of coloproctology in their country.
  4. Must be an ESCP member at the time of applying. Click here to join.

The support offered to successful applicants includes:

  1. Complimentary registration to the annual ESCP Conference, including a ticket to the Conference Dinner
  2. Complimentary accommodation in the city of the ESCP Conference
  3. Travel bursary of up to €1000


Applications have now closed.