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video Benign Chronical Abdominal Diseases for the Colorectal Surgeon: Endometrioses

By In Endometriosis

Symposium - Carla Tomassetti (Belgium) and Albert Wolthuis (Belgium) at ESCP Berlin 2017

video Impact of bowel and ostomy function on quality of life after rectal cancer treatment: a population based cross-sectional study

By In Endometriosis

Free Paper (Functional disorders) - Marie-Louise Feddern at ESCP Barcelona 2014

video Does a defunctioning stoma affect long term anorectal function after low anterior resection of the rectum for cancer?

By In Endometriosis

Free Paper (Functional disorders) - Soran Gadan at ESCP Barcelona 2014

video Large bowel involvement in endometriosis

By In Endometriosis

Video surgery - Gian Andrea Binda at ESCP Sorrento 2010

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