A significant step forward was possible this year when the Education and Training Committee were able to announce the availability of 3-month fellowships, made possible through the generosity of both Medtronic and Covidien, both already loyal major supporters of the Society at the annual meeting each year, but who have now also provided an educational grant to enable a total of 11 ESCP Fellows to take up an excellent opportunity to train abroad.

The purpose of the Fellowships is to provide an opportunity to visit clinical, teaching and research centres in Europe with scientific merit in the field of Coloproctology. Applicants were invited from within ESCP European membership, having demonstrated a strong interest in colon and rectal disease and potential for achieving a leadership position in Coloproctology. These criteria also applied:

  • They had trained in general surgery for at least 5/6 years holding a national CCST
  • The demonstrated a manifested interest in coloproctology as evidenced by practice, teaching,
  • Research or writings
  • They had set out clearly defined benefits to be gained from the Fellowship

The responsibility of the selected individuals has been/ will be to:

  • Give at least 2 presentations throughout the visit
  • Keep a daily log of activities and observations made
  • Provide the ESCP, in turn, with a structured report

Medtronic Fellowshipsmedtronic

In 2011, the first discussions took place between Medtronic and ESCP, initiated by David Jayne (Leeds, UK) with further discussion between Medtronic and Prof Lars Påhlman on behalf of the ESCP Education Committee to finalise the details.

The five Medtronic fellows presented at ESCP Vienna 2012 on Wednesday afternoon when they spoke briefly about their experience (some fellowships began earlier this year and are complete, others are still in progress).

Goran Barišić

Goran BarišićFirst Surgical Clinic, Clinical Centre of Serbia Belgrade University School of Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia
Visited University Hospital of Erlangen, Germany

It was a great honor and privilege to be chosen as a recipient of the 2012 ESCP fellowship supported by Medtronic. Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of Prof. Werner Hohenberger and Prof. Klaus Matzel, I took part in day-to-day activities in the surgical department and attended daily meetings and regular MDT conferences.

As part of the operating teams, I was actively involved in various procedures, which, among others, included Complete Mesocolic Excision and Sacral Nerve Stimulation. I also spent a lot of the time at the Proctology unit, where I was involved in the discussion of treatment options for malignancies and benign diseases, especially functional disorders.

In summary, during my stay in Erlangen, I saw a lot, learned a lot, but, most importantly and most precious for me, I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people that made my stay fruitful and enjoyable.

Marie Line Barussaud

Marie-line BarussaudCHU Nantes, Nantes, France
Visited Saint Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

It was a great honour to be awarded with the 2012 ESCP Fellowship supported by Medtronic. I went to Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland and I spent three wonderful months. I learnt a lot in clinics and theatre, particularly in functional colorectal diseases and proctology. I also had the chance to attend specialized outpatient clinic for pelvic floor disorders and learn endorectal ultrasound. Thanks a million to Prof O’Connell, Prof Hyland and Prof Winter for their support, advice and kindness. Thanks to Ann Hanly and Myra Fitzpatrick for everything and to all the team.

To conclude, doing this fellowship was a great chance, professionally (I saw and learnt many things that will help me in my practice) and, more important, humanly as I had the opportunity to meet really great people.

Froukje Jantien Hoogenboom

froukje jantien hoogenboomUniversity Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands
Visited St. Mark’s Hospital, London, UK

My three month fellowship at St Mark’s Hospital in London was a great experience. In theatre and in clinics I saw many patients with functional problems, intestinal failure, perianal and rectovaginal fistuli, and ileoanal pouches. Working with different consultant surgeons taught me a lot in understanding the pathology and different treatment options, both conservative and operative. Working with a dedicated and specialized colorectal team, including a biofeedback department and specialist nurses, has been very inspiring!

Alexandr Kravchenko

Alexandr KravchenkoNational Research Center of Surgery, Moscow, Russia
Visited Hospital Saint-André, Bordeaux, France

My fellowship time was very important three months in my surgical life. The Saint-Andre Hospital and Prof. E. Rullier have great experience in the treatment of low rectal cancer and benign diseases. Every day I was able to see laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer and attended daily GI meetings. I also spent a lot of time at the colorectal unit, where I was involved in discussions about malignancies, benign diseases and functional disorders. During my fellowship time in Bordeaux I was able to meet good surgeons, participate in many scientific conferences and acquire a lot of friends.

I am very grateful ESCP and Medtronic, Prof. Eric Rullier and my boss Prof. Petr Tsarkov for this opportunity.


Covidien Fellowships

Covidien began discussions with Prof Giovanni Romano, member of the ESCP Education Committee at the meeting in Copenhagen last year, and this resulted in a further opportunity for six fellows to take up 3-month visits to training centres, which will be taking place during the remainder of 2012. We will be bringing you their reports in the months ahead, and there will be an opportunity to hear more from each fellow at the meeting in Belgrade next year.

These fellowships have been awarded to:

Fellow nameFromWill be visiting:
Thomas Golda University Hospital Bellvitge, University of Barcelona, Spain Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands under the direction of Prof. Willem Bemelman
Sonia Lockwood Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark under the direction of Prof Søren Laurberg
Manousos-Georgios Pramateftakis Interbalkan Medical Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece National Cancer Institute, Naples, Italy under the direction of Prof Giovanni Romano
Luana Franceschilli University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK under the direction of Mr Ian Lindsey
Giedre Rudinskaite Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu, Lithuania The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK under the direction of Prof Paris Tekkis
Fatma Ayca Gultekin Bulent Ecevit University School of Medicine, Turkey CHU, Nantes (Lehur) under the direction of Prof. Paul Antoine Lehur

ESCP would like to express sincere thanks to both companies for their support.