ESCP’s Council has the following standing committees:

In addition, the following ad-hoc working groups have been formed, pending member ratification as formal ESCP committees at an AGM:

Programme Committee

  • Des Winter (Chair)
  • Gabriela Möslein (Ass. Chair)
  • Alexey Petrov
  • Anna Lepistö
  • Antonino Spinelli (ex-officio, ESCP Secretary)
  • Beatriz Martin-Perez
  • Evangelos Xynos (ex-officio, ESCP President)
  • Filippo La Torre
  • Katrine Emmertson
  • Martyn Evans
  • Martin Schneider
  • Michel Adamina
  • Nicola Fearnhead
  • Per Nilsson
  • Quentin Denost
  • Samson Tou (Education Committee Liasion) 
  • Saulius Svagzdys
  • Thomas Schiedeck
  • Tomas Poskus
  • Willem Bemelman (ex-officio, ESCP President)