The Regional Events Working Group aims to extend our successful Masterclass programme outside Europe.

Paul-Antoine Lehur
Paul-Antoine Lehur (Chair)
Evangelos Xynos
Evangelos Xynos (President)
Willem Bemelman
Willem Bemelman (Past President)
Antonino Spinelli
Antonino Spinelli (Secretary)
Dieter Hahnloser
Dieter Hahnloser (Education Representative)
Janindra Warasuvitarne
Janindra Warasuvitarne (Ass. Education Rep)
Klaus Matzel
Klaus Matzel (ESC Representative)
Des Winter
Des Winter (Programme Representative)
Gabriela Möslein
Gabriela Möslein (Ass. Programme Rep)
Audrius Dulskas
Audrius Dulskas (Research Representative)
Roland Scherer
Roland Scherer (Membership Representative)
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