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The following courses and workshops were offered during ESCP 2023 as additional paid or free services as indicated.

Anal Fistula Workshop |  Tuesday 26 September 2023 | 09:00 - 17:00

Theoretical and practical course on preoperative work-up and treatment of anal fistula for 2 groups of 20 participants. The first part will focus on preoperative work-up with a hand-on part of MRI interpretation. The second part will focus on different surgical techniques including hands-on practice on porcine models. The course will finish with a mini-symposium on perianal Crohn’s disease (optional).

This workshop is supported by an unrestricted educational grant provided by Biolitec.

Fee: €160 (excluding VAT).


EBSQ Preparation Workshop | Tuesday 26 September 2023 | 09:00 - 17:00

ESCP together with the Division of Coloproctology of the UEMS are offering a preparation workshop for the EBSQ examination in coloproctology. The workshop will include an interactive lecture on how to read and comment on a scientific article. This workshop will prepare you for a successful examination.

Fee: €160 (excluding VAT).


ESCP Training Village | 27, 28, 29 September 2023

The goal of the Training Village is to provide a short and structured training experience for colorectal trainees during the conference. 

This opportunity is reserved for ESCP Conference attendees, and primarily intended for trainees and early career practitioners.

No fee and no pre-registration procedure (unless applicable by the sponsor).


Watch this video to learn more about the ESCP Training Village

"How to Peer Review" Course |  Tuesday 26 September 2023 | 16:00 - 19:00

This course is designed for those interested in taking up the role of peer-reviewer or people who have recently embarked on doing peer-reviews, to have an opportunity to polish their skills through interactive discussion with others and feedback from the current editors. Candidates preparing for academic component of EBSQ and keen to develop skills of critiquing will also benefit from this course.

The course is free of charge but there will be a selection process to ensure diverse participants. Deadline for expression of interest is 1 August 2023 and you will be notified if you are selected by 15 August 2023.


OASIS Course - "How to Manage OASIS" |  Tuesday 26 September 2023 | 09:00 - 17:00

This course is aimed at all practitioners who are involved in the management of the Obstetric Anal Sphincters Injuries (OASIS), i.e. colorectal surgeons, obstetricians, midwives, general surgeons, etc. It will feature concepts and techniques of repairing OASIS, and also the optimal timing for the repair. Moreover, it will be elucidated how to prevent them and how and when to follow the patients after the delivery.

A special focus will be dedicated to the most reliable diagnostics to be used in this complex condition. The second part of the course will provide a “hands on” session on a reliable model of OASIS to repair different degrees of sphincters injuries under the guide of expert proctors.

Fee: €160 (excluding VAT).



Following the success registered at the Dublin Congress 2022, ESCP will again feature the pre-conference Course on “How to Manage OASIS” (Obstetric Anal Sphincters Injuries), a very relevant condition involving not only obstetricians, but also coloproctologists and, more at large, any general surgeons.


Carlo Ratto, MD, FASCRS
Associate Professor in General Surgery at Catholic University
Chief of Proctology Unit, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario “A. Gemelli”, IRCCS
Rome, Italy

Carlo Ratto, Course Director, explains the novelty and utility of the OASIS Course:

Despite the efforts in improving safety of the childbirth, the OASIS still represent a quite frequent event which needs hopefully immediate interventions (much better if performed by well-trained obstetrician/surgeon) to prevent faecal incontinence. The optimal diagnostic work up (to avoid occult or underestimated sphincters lesions), the best timing and modality of repair, and the best postoperative management (including treatment of persistence/recurrence of faecal incontinence) are still debated and not standardised.

The OASIS Course promoted by ESCP, this year for the first time, is aimed to discuss all critical steps of diagnosis and repair of OASIS by a well-experienced Faculty. Moreover, the Course will offer to the participants the unique opportunity to be trained on a realistic model of OASIS, on which each single participant will be able to perform a repair of severe to moderate OASIS.

Register for the OASIS Course and become confident in managing an urgent and very complex clinical condition, saving the future health of your patients!


Radiology for CR Surgeons (ESCP/ESGAR Course) | Tuesday 26 September 2023 | 10:00 - 17:45

Several highly relevant topics will be discussed in a hands-on manner. Experts in the field of radiology and coloproctology will teach you proper interpretation of images, as well as the clinical relevance of these findings. Hands-on clinical images will be available for your interpretation.

Fee: €160 (excluding VAT).


Ultrasound Workshop at Vilnius University Hospital Santara Clinics| Wednesday 27 September 2023 | 08:00 - 12:30

We will repeat our popular ultrasound workshop, which is aimed at all practitioners who are involved or interested in pelvic floor disorders, i.e. colorectal surgeons, general surgeons, specialist nurses, gastroenterologists, physiotherapists, etc. and will feature basic concepts and techniques in clinical practice, demonstrating the endosonographic appearance of normal anatomy and common pathologic conditions of the anorectal region and pelvic floor.

This workshop is supported by an unrestricted educational grant provided by BK Medical.

Fee: €90 (excluding VAT).



Pre-conference Course Preview
13th Anorectal and Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Workshop
Wednesday 27 September 2023


Anders Mellgren, MD, PhD, FACS, FASCRS
Professor of Surgery and Chair
Division of Colon & Rectal Surgery
University of Illinois Chicago

Tomas Poskus, MD, PhD, FEBS (Coloproctology)
Professor of Surgery and Head of the Abdominal and Oncosurgery Centre
Vilnius University Hospital Santara Clinics, Lithuania

Giulio A. Santoro, MD, PhD
Head of Pelvic Floor Unit,
Treviso Regional Hospital, Italy

The course will share best practice and advances in ultrasound imaging of anorectal and pelvic floor disorders – participants will gain valuable clinical ultrasound knowledge, including 3D endoanal, endorectal, endovaginal and dynamic transperineal ultrasonographic imaging techniques.
Imaging is gaining a key role in the understanding of pelvic floor disorders. Non-invasive techniques not only provide a superior depiction of the pelvic anatomy but also yield unique dynamic information. 3D technology is on the front line in the diagnostic and therapeutic workup, offering improved accuracy in the diagnosis of these complex diseases.

This year’s course will again include an interactive and practical session with review of clinical cases blended with live demonstrations, which has been welcomed by previous participants. In this way trainees can discuss specific details of the techniques and be shown how to manipulate and analyze 3D images.

This course is ideal for all physicians who are involved or interested in pelvic floor disorders: including surgeons, specialist nurses, and physiotherapists. The program will include a review of normal ultrasound anatomy and a full review of ultrasound pathology of the anal canal, rectum, and the pelvic floor. Participants will hear from a number of distinguished presenters, including Liliana Bordeianou, Anders Mellgren, Lucia Oliveira, Giulio Santoro, and Pawel Wieczorek.

The 13th Anorectal and Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Workshop will run from 08:00 - 12:30 on Wednesday 27 September 2023 at the Vilnius University Hospital in conjunction with ESCP 2023.


Women’s Networking Lunch Session |  Thursday 28 September 2023 | 12:30 - 14:00

A special session for women surgeons. A dynamic and engaging networking event with round table discussions on leadership, career / personal life and gender representation at ESCP. Testimonies from female professionals and a lively plenary discussion.

Free of charge but limited to 200 participants maximum.


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