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Although Belgium is a small and young country, it lies in the heart of Europe, with Brussels as capital. In Belgium, there are two main communities living in the country, with 3 official country languages (French, Flemish, and German). The Flemish speaking part is in the north, while the French speaking part is in the south part of the country.

All surgeons are united in one single association: the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery (RBSS). During the annual RBSS meeting (Belgian Surgical Week) one day is devoted to colorectal surgery and organized by the Belgian Section of ColoRectal Surgery (BSCRS), part of the RBSS. Moreover, the BSCRS organizes every year (in December) a postgraduate course in coloproctology.

In the future, we would like to develop a closer relationship between BSCRS activities and ESCP and work towards combined membership, so stay tuned for updates!

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Ellen Van Eetvelde

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Belgian Section for ColoRectal Surgery, part of RBSS
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Ellen Van Eetvelde

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