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Even if a young country, Belgium has a very old medical tradition. One of the most famous anatomist in the world, André Vésale, was born in Brussels in 1514. He was the author of one important book wich is the cornerstone in human anatomy: "De humani corporis fabrica".

Belgium is one of the cofounders of Europe, and Brussels, the capital, is his heart.

As one knows, they are two main communities living in the country. The Flemish speaking one is located in the north while the French speaking one is located in the south part of the kingdom. All surgeons are reunited in one single association: the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery (RBSS).

The Belgian Section of ColoRectal Surgery (BSCRS) is a section of the RBSS. During the annual RBSS meeting (Belgian Surgical Week) one day is devoted to colorectal surgery and organized by the BSCRS. Moreover, the BSCRS organizes every year in early december a postgraduate course in coloproctology. If more information is needed, it can be found at


Marc Duinslaeger (former Regional Representative, former Belgian National Representative)

Population: 10000000
ESCP Members: 48
Colorectal Surgeons: 181
Society: Belgian Section for ColoRectal Surgery
ESCP Representative Name:
Donald Claeys
National Examination:
 Acta Chirurgica Belgica:       


PROCARE: the main objective of this national multidisciplinary project is to reduce diagnostic and therapeutic variability and to improve outcome in patients with rectal cancer  by means of standardization through guidelines, implementation of these guidelines, quality assurance through registration and feedback, and training.

For any information, go to: ; under tthe subheading PROCARE information can be found about its history, working, statistics and documents published on the project, including the results of the latest analysis for feedback based on datas od-of the first 2439 patients.

Current Research:

Randomized trial of preoperative radiotherapy with an integrated simultaneous boost compared to chemoradiotherapy for T3-4 rectal cancer
LIFT procedure (in progress)

Future Plans:

Coming soon




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