Per NilssonESCP President’s Greeting

Dear Members of the ESCP

It is with immense pride but also with a great degree of humility that I greet all of you fellow coloproctologists and other members of our Society in my new role as President of the ESCP. We are at the beginning of the end of yet another hugely successful Annual and Scientific meeting here in Nice, France.

Our Nice meeting has been carefully planned by the Programme committee but essential contributions to the success has been provided by our Education, Research, Guidelines and Communications committees. The heart and soul of all ESCP meetings comes from you, the participants. The submission and presentation of abstracts, discussions and questions during various symposia and the net-working activities during breaks are what makes each conference a great experience. It is the hope and belief of the entire Executive that you will all return next year to make ESCP’s 14th Annual and Scientific meeting in Vienna 2019 an even greater success.

For several years, it has been the ambition of ESCP to provide all-year-round activities and service to its members. ESCP is organising Regional Events in collaboration with National coloproctology societies, these events provide a platform to develop coloproctology across Europe for the benefit of patients. Further additions to the educational portfolio of ESCP are expected to be announced soon. The ESCP cohort study collaborative has been successful from the start and is now expanding. The opportunities to contribute and be part of a pan-European research network are constantly growing and results, again for the benefit of patients, are generated. ESCP has developed a mobile app (avalaible both for iPhone and Android) where we all can easily update ourselves on the latest activities within our Society.

In my personal opinion European coloproctology stands strong and through our European Society of Coloproctology we have plenty to offer. It is essential that we work together to constantly improve care and management for patients with diseases in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Patients, not only within Europe but across the Globe, all deserve to be treated by an informed and educated surgeon. As we together within the ESCP can provide expertise based both on science and experience, it is our duty to facilitate dissemination of knowledge. In the coming year, it is my hope that our links to Societies outside Europe will be strengthened with respect to research and education.

Finally, what makes a Society successful is the members. The Executive and its Committees are dependent on your opinion and views. Members decide what is important and ESCP urges each one of you to contact anyone in the Executive or a Committee (directly or via email) with ideas, opinions or even complaints.

Let us continue to build ESCP even stronger together.

Per Nilsson, ESCP President

Gabriela MosleinESCP Secretary’s Message

Nice 2018 has exceeded expectations regarding registrations and new membership and is the 'must attend' event for colorectal surgeons from all over the world! ESCP has become global with representatives from 38 European countries and a further 35 from around the world!

Our committee work has become enormously visible with impressive research studies dealing with innovative topics and cohort studies that are representative due to very high recruitment figures. Education will now focus on Robotics, education on different procedures including CME for right-sided colon cancer and the first educational workshop from the newly established ESC (European School of Coloproctology) on the subject of continent ileostomies will take place. The masterclasses in the past year have enjoyed excellent attendance and we encourage you to consider hosting one, especially in countries that have not yet grasped this opportunity. ESCP has an agenda of guidelines and among others is about to release taTME guidance recommendations and gene and gender recommendations for Lynch syndrome. The concept of living guidance is timely and will guarantee most up to date guidelines versus outdated ones requiring tremendous formalities to adapt to published evidence that changes the scene.

As initiated in 2016, 'Young ESCP' has more than fulfilled expectations, with representatives in all committees and enormous contributions from this side. For 2019 a strong emphasis on patient involvement has been put on the agenda. All members are strongly encouraged to actively contribute to the actions of the ESCP. Get involved with this high-profile society and members that are willing to actively contribute to improving care and generating evidence for improvement; in all areas such as research, education, guidelines and more.

ESCP has established grants and educational opportunities for members. The refurbished website and social media have greatly increased our outreach Watch our space on the website, for regular updates on what is going on and which opportunities are available. Find our latest news, education tools, research projects, and social links so that we can all promote and develop communication in the worldwide colorectal community.
We wish to extend a warm welcome to all our new members and encourage them to help shape the ESCP!

With best wishes,

Gabriela Möslein, ESCP Secretary

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