Klaus MatzelESCP President’s Greeting

Dear Members,

I am very honored and is an incredible privilege to serve you as the ESCP President 2022-2023. I want to thank you all for the opportunity.

This year we will face an important challenge together: recover the time and opportunities that could not be completed due to the pandemic and restructure our society alongside a new secretariat. We must achieve this with the aim of being the most solid coloproctological society in the world. To achieve this, we must be tenacious and patient but at the same time constant in the effort. We must be generous towards our society and humble with the challenge.

We have the best asset to achieve this purpose: our members. Our members share their knowledge and expertise, either individually in multiple events, or as part of a team within our different committees and working groups –Communication, Education, Global Reach, Guidelines, Membership, Research and Y-ESCP – and our existing multinational networks, with a global outreach. These are a present that clearly faces the future with a view filled with positivism. All together have to work to grow and increase the pride to be part of ESCP of each one of us.

There are several points to work on in the coming years. Economically strengthen our society, maintain a global and open spirit, actively reinforce diversity and equality, which should already be a permanent and not extraordinary fact not only in our society but in all our activities and vital circles, and finally enlarge the net of research, education and all lines of collaboration not only to our members but also to patients, administration and industry.

We will only be successful to the extent that we dream if we keep being an open, transparent, friendly and professional society. We, in the executive Board and from all the Committees and working groups, have the responsibility to put all the effort to provide what every member needs to feel included in the Society and its multiple activities during all year, to provide the best conditions to facilitate and improve each collaboration, and to increase the knowledge and its dissemination to finally improve the practice of coloproctology starting in Europe but towards the whole world.
We wish to thank our members for their loyalty, for the countless volunteer hours by dedicated colleagues driven by their medical credo, academic spirit, enthusiasm and generosity along the ESCP, and their interest in cutting-edge research and educational innovation.

I wish to express my gratitude to Klaus Matzel, stepping down as President, for his leadership over this very challenging past year. He and the Executive Board have steered the Society safely and successfully through these turbulent times.

We all hope to meet in person again at our Annual Meeting in Vilnius in September 2023 and during all year activities. Until then we look forward to several occasions to interact, to enjoy each other’s company, and to keep the Society lively and moving forward.

Let us make you proud to be ESCP.

Eloy Espin-Basany, President of ESCP

ESCP Secretary’s Message


ESCP continues to grow as an innovative society with truly global reach. I am inspired by our community of surgeons and trainees and hope that we continue our work in  championing excellence and innovation in coloproctology.                                                                                                                      

This year, we were delighted to come together again in-person for the 17th Scientific and Annual Conference of our Society. Seeing our community face-to-face for the first time in two years proves how invaluable networking and making connections is to our profession and our people. Thank you to everyone who joined us and making ESCP 2022 such a success, we hope to see everyone again next year in Vilnius, Lithuania for ESCP 2023!

In our post-Covid world, ESCP has also adapted to have a strong virtual presence and now has a several educational webinar series’ which are viewed by many hundreds of people around the world. Adding to our popular Global Reach and Robotics webinars, this year our new series on Rectopexy proved a hit with over 1500 attending over three episodes.

I would like to thank Klaus E. Matzel for his exceptional leadership during his Presidency in 2022. Klaus and the Executive Board have guided the society superbly out of a very turbulent year.

We will continue this positive and dynamic legacy of driving clinical excellence and focusing on supporting our members around the world with Eloy Espin joining as President Elect. I am certain you all join me in welcoming him, and together we look to the future with optimism and move forward with purpose.

Thank you for your unwavering and ongoing support for ESCP.

Antonino Spinelli, ESCP Secretary

ESCP Affiliates