Klaus MatzelESCP President’s Greeting

Dear Members,

It is an honour to serve you as the ESCP President 2021-2022. I am proud to be given this opportunity.

Our Society´s mission is to promote and advance the science and practice of coloproctology in Europe. A changing environment with unprecedented challenges forces us to rethink how best to fulfil this mission.

The need for a transformative approach is driven by the changing expectations, needs and demands of our members and partners, by an altered medical landscape, and by technological evolution. Without question, the pandemic has made some of the required changes very obvious and has accelerated the process. By adapting, we will secure the Society’s economic foundation and sustainability.

The assets of our Society are the diversity of our members, our collective knowledge and expertise, our multiple committees and working groups – addressing Communication, Education, Global Reach, Guidelines, Membership, Research and Y-ESCP – and our existing multinational networks, with outreach beyond Europe. These already set a solid base on which to build for the future.

Although, in the past, the activities of our Society were initially centered around one annual meeting, there has been an evolution towards providing opportunities to engage on multiple occasions throughout the year. We plan to increase these efforts, ultimately to make the Society a year-round experience of enlightenment and social enjoyment.

Without question, it is disappointing that – for the second year – our annual meeting cannot be a face-to-face event. The pandemic has brought home to all of us the value of in-person meetings with friends and colleagues, and we all regret the loss of these opportunities. Given the ongoing uncertainty, however, we shall plan beyond these traditional formats to determine how best to fulfil our mission, to move the field forward, and to create value for our members.

Key to this will be to offer high-quality content, with easy access to it. Our belief has always been that the delivery of unbiased information should be under the leadership and evaluation of a surgical society. As we are all aware, this has become even more important in the present climate of wide dissemination of material that has never been subjected to critical scrutiny. We are fortunate to have partners – also industry partners – who share our vision and agree to invest in training and research guided by our scientific society. Assurance of reliable content will also help us strengthen our bonds with other societies within and beyond our field of interest.

It is equally important that all our members – regardless of gender, nationality, age or experience (the junior, the seasoned, and the wise) – feel represented in the Society. They are both the foundation and the future. The soon-to-be-circulated revised rules are a reflection of this thinking and will be another important element in keeping our Society contemporary and viable.

We wish to thank our members for their loyalty, for the countless volunteer hours by dedicated colleagues driven by their medical credo and academic spirit, by their enthusiastic engagement in a multinational society, and their interest in cutting-edge research and educational innovation. It is the members’ participation that has brought the ESCP to the level it occupies today – one of the world’s leading societies in coloproctology.

I wish to express my gratitude to Evangelos Xynos, stepping down as President, for his leadership over this very challenging past year. He and the Executive Board have steered the Society safely and successfully through these turbulent times.

We all hope to meet in person at our Annual Meeting in Dublin in September 2022. Until then we look forward to several occasions to interact, to enjoy each other’s company (even if not face-to-face), and to keep the Society lively and moving forward.

Klaus E. Matzel, President of ESCP

ESCP Secretary’s Message

Antonino Spinelli

ESCP continues to grow and innovate as a dynamic society; championing excellence in Coloproctology. The challenges we have faced collectively have highlighted the persistence, dedication, and enthusiasm within our global community. This has been truly inspiring to witness and be part of.

One of the characteristics of a relatively young society like ours is the ability of staying young: the enthusiasm of Young ESCP, the contribution of our young members in different committees, such as Research, Education and Guidelines, the evolving structure (with committees like Global Reach and Communication gaining more and more value in a tightly connected world) are examples of this attitude of the society.

We held our first hybrid masterclass in Lisbon on the 1 July 2021. Thank you to all who contributed and attended, to make it the highly engaging and educational event that it was. Evolving how we connect and learn from each other offers exciting new opportunities to be more inclusive and global in reach.

For our virtual Annual Meeting, we are rising to the challenge and embracing new ways to share ideas, data and expertise.

I would like to thank Evangelos Xynos for his exceptional leadership during his tenure as President. Evangelos and the Executive Board have guided the Society superbly over a very turbulent year by being adaptable, and always upholding the principles of the Society.

We continue this positive legacy of driving clinical excellence and focusing on supporting our members with Klaus E. Matzel joining as President Elect. I am certain you all join me in welcoming him and together we look to the future with optimism and move forward with purpose. 

Thanks for your continuous support for ESCP.

Antonino Spinelli, ESCP Secretary

ESCP Affiliates