ethem gecimESCP President’s Greeting 

Dear Colleagues and Friends

ESCP has covered a lot of ground, particularly in the last decade. The number of delegates and attendees at our Berlin meeting has reached nearly 2000 - an all time record. The Programme Committee has been extremely busy selecting the best of 916 submitted abstracts. Thank you very much for this great interest in our event.

ESCP is recognised by the rest of the world as the leading professional organisation in Europe for the prevention, treatment and research into colorectal disease. Recently, we reached an agreement with the organisers of the Tripartite Meeting that ESCP will be involved as a full partner in future meetings of this most prestigious global group of the globe early in the next decade.

'The European Manual of Medicine: Coloproctology' is now available online for our members, in addition to the journal 'Colorectal Disease', without any charge.

Regional events and educational activities within the national meetings of member countries continue with great success. Any countries interested in organising local activities are encouraged to contact the working group in charge of these events through their national representatives.

ESCP's achievements come from strong and very well organised committees. Every committee has done a great job in the last few years and I anticipate even better performance in the future. I encourage young and enthusiastic members in particular to apply to join these committees, and bring new energy to the society.

The Research Committee is open for new applications. Both new proposals and contributions to ongoing projects are greatly appreciated. We also proudly host medical students and young surgeons organising multicentre and international research. I am sure the future will be much brighter when their time comes.

Our new and user-friendly website is designed to keep you informed about the activities of the society. Please do follow our website to keep up with exciting developments.

The Programme Committee has all but finished their outline of the Nice 2018 meeting. Fecal incontinence and immunotherapy topics will be specifically addressed. There will be two new symposia with contributions from ECCO and EAES. The European Hereditary Tumour Group is meeting in Nice next year and ESCP members will have the opportunity to attend this meeting while they are there.

Looking forward to meeting you in Nice in September 2018. Enjoy the meeting and the Mediterranean coast.

Best wishes,

Ethem Gecim, ESCP President

Gabriela Moeslein 200x150ESCP Secretary’s Message

Berlin 2017 has proven to be an excellent international venue for a 'must attend' event for colorectal surgeons from all over the world! Attendance and membership are strongly increasing, but perhaps more importantly ESCP is becoming the global society for colorectal disease. Our membership now includes members from more than 60 countries worldwide.

ESCP has established various committees driven by highly dedicated individuals in order to increase the speed of progress in different areas important to the Society - Research, Education, Membership, Guidelines and Communications.

As initiated in 2016, 'Young ESCP' will be a major driver in developing the Society as a platform for dedicated members age 40 and younger, including students, ensuring that their ideas regarding education and all other areas are taken into account. For 2018 a strong emphasis on patient involvement has been put on the agenda. All members are strongly encouraged to actively contribute to the actions of the ESCP.

ESCP has established grants and educational opportunities for members. The refurbished website and social media will increase communication among members and non-members. Our committees will keep providing the latest news, education tools, research projects, and social links so that we can all promote and develop communication in the worldwide colorectal community. In addition 'Colorectal Disease' has become the journal of the Society.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all our new members and encourage them to help shape the ESCP!

With best wishes,

Gabriela Möeslein, ESCP Secretary


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