Welcome to the Finnish part of the ESCP web site. This page contains details about Colorectal Surgery and research in Finland. The Finnish Society for Colorectal Surgery is a suborganization of the Finish Association of Gastrointestinal Surgery ( www.gastrokirurgit.fi ).

Population: 5,5 million

ESCP Members: 18

Colorectal Surgeons: Colorectal surgery is not an official subspeciality in Finland. It is included to speciality of gastroenterological surgery and in Finland there is about 250 gastroenterological surgeons. 

Society: the Finish Association of Gastrointestinal Surgery (www.gastrokirurgit.fi).

ESCP Representative Name: Laura Koskenvuo

National Examination: None. We recommend EBSQ exam (the diploma in Coloproctology)


The Finnish Association of Gastrointestinal Surgery organize some scientific meeting every year and some demanding workshops including hands-on courses and live video transmissions. Teaching and training are central points of our activities.

Current Research:

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