13:00 - 14:00

B. Braun SymposiumB Braun: Sharing expertise

Focus on anastomotic leakage in the colorectal area in IBD patients

Prevention of anastomotic leakage in IBD patients

  • Intro - live - Willem Bemelman (The Netherlands)
  • Francesco Crafa (Italy)
  • Live Q&A 

Treatment of Anastomotic Leakage in IBD patients

  • Intro - live - Willem Bemelman (The Netherlands)
  • UK experience - Guy Worley (UK)
  • NL experience - Roel Hompes (The Netherlands)
  • Live Q&A
16:05 - 17:05

Ethicon: Shaping the future of surgeryEthicon Symposium

Intraoperative quality measures to reduce anastomotic leakages

Welcome and introduction to the session - Willem Bemelman (The Netherlands)

  • Surgeon factors: EAGLE update - Dion Morton (UK)
  • Technology factors: Echelon circular study results - Vicente Pla-Marti (Spain)
  • Human factors: Digitalised anastomotic checklist - Antonino Spinelli (Italy)
  • Discussions - All

Conclusions and closing - Willem Bemelman (The Netherlands)

Click here to download further info on the Ethicon Symposium (2MB PDF)

19:15 - 20:15

Intuitive SymposiumIntuitive

Robotic low anterior rectal resection: from a good start to a perfect end

Moderators: Eloy Espin-Basany (Spain), Ellen van Eetvelde (Belgium)

  • First steps in robotic colorectal surgery: Splenic flexure take down during robotic LAR - Paolo Pietro Bianchi (Italy)
  • Tips and tricks in the lower third: Dissection and transection of the rectum during robotic LAR - Marcos Gomez Ruiz (Spain)
  • Q&A
12:55 - 13:55

CMR SurgicalCMR Surgical Symposium

Patient pathways: clinical cases using Versius

How do you implement a new robotics programme from a clinical perspective? Join us to follow a patient's journey through a Versius anterior resection.

Panellists: Henry Tilney (UK), Doug Speake (UK), Barrie Keeler (UK) and Nicholas Stylianides (UK)

Moderator: Steve Bell

Pre-op - Henry Tilney (UK)

  • Case study overview
  • Patient selection/history
  • Panel discussion - All

Intra-op - Henry Tilney (UK)

  • Patient positioning and draping
  • Port placement and cart placement
  • Surgical steps
  • Panel discussion - All

Post-op - Henry Tilney (UK)

  • Outcomes and after care
  • Early trends in data
  • Robotic journey with Versius
  • Closing discussion - All
16:05 - 17:05

Medtronic: Further togetherMedtronic Symposium

New guidance for prevention of incisional hernia and treating incontinence with sacral neuromodulation therapy

Moderators: Julie Cornish (UK), Charles Knowles (UK), Klaus Matzel (Germany)

Part 1:

  • Preventing incisional hernia by enhanced wound closure techniques - Miguel Ángel García-Ureña (Spain)
  • Panel discussion

Part 2:

  • The New InterStim™ SureScan™ systems - more choice for each patient
    • Patient selection - Thomas Dudding (UK)
    • Surgical technique - Thomas Dudding (UK)
    • Simplified programming - Paul A Lehur (France)
  • Panel discussion
19:15 - 20:15

THDTHD Symposium

How early diagnosis and monitoring obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) may prevent and delay incontinence

Moderators: Stéphanie O. Breukink (The Netherlands), Paul A Lehur (France), Emanuel Cavazzoni (Italy)

  • Introduction - Stéphanie O. Breukink (The Netherlands)
  • Thoughts on the adoption of new tools - Alex Leo (UK)
  • How early diagnosis and monitoring obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) may prevent and delay incontinence - Supriya Bulchandani (UK)
  • Live Q&A - All
  • Closing discussion - Paul A Lehur (France)
13:25 - 13:55

Reach SurgicalReach Surgical Symposium

Right colectomy with total mesocolon excision. When and technical tips?

Speaker: Romulo Almeida (Brazil)

20:00 - 21:00

Ethicon: Shaping the future of surgeryEthicon Sponsored Session

Speakers: Richard Brady (UK) and Des Winter (UK)

Join Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Richard Brady as he is joined by Professor Des Winter, Editor in Chief at the BJS, consultant surgeon at St Vincent’s University Hospital and Professor in Surgery at University College Dublin, as well as Chair of the Virtually Vilnius ESCP Programme Committee.

In this sixth episode of #ColorectalLIVE from Johnson & Johnson Institute and Ethicon, Richard will be asking Des about his career, practice changing research, clinical interests and his key role in academic publishing.

You can join in the conversation by posting your questions and comments on Twitter for Des using the hashtag #ColorectalLIVE.

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