On 9 May 2023

'Tailoring colorectal cancer treatment', Swedish Colorectal Days and ESCP masterclass took place in Malmö, Sweden, 20-21 April 2023.

On 25 Apr 2023

ESCP offered 3-month Functional Disorder Fellowships and 6-month Robotics Fellowships for 2021-2022. Fellows report here on their experiences.

On 5 Dec 2022

Modern treatment of fistula and hemorrhoidal disease - ESCP's 11th Regional Masterclass - took place at Meet Ullevaal in Oslo.

On 9 Dec 2021

Despite all the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic, five surgeons completed their ESCP Colorectal Robotic Surgery Fellowship in 2020/2021. Robotic surgery fellows received overwhelming support from their host centres and experiences described by fellows indicate high quality of training delivered through modular training programmes. Individual reports of these fellows are available here.

On 13 Oct 2021

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