Date: Thursday 23 September
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: Sala Nettuno, off exhibition area
Chair: Alexander Engel (The Netherlands) + Panel

Panel review of 45 of the best 90 posters:

  • LTP01 Pelvic connective tissues in patients with rectal prolapse - Edward Smyth (UK)
  • LTP02 A multi center study to evaluate efficacy and safety of NASHA/Dx gel for the treatment of fecal Incontinence - Giuseppe Dodi (Italy)
  • LTP03 Transcutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation improves bowel dysfunction in multiple sclerosis - Sophie Domingie (France)
  • LTP04 Medium term results for laparoscopic ventral rectopexy using Permacol for pelvic organ prolapse - Shajahan Wahed (UK)
  • LTP05 Orr-Loygue rectopexy with limited dissection for symptomatic rectal prolapse - Andrea Lauretta (Italy)
  • LTP06 Prospective evaluation of colonic diverticular bleeding in 133 consecutive patients: elective surgery to prevent recurrence is not justified - Jean-Luc Faucheron (France)
  • LTP07 Online signal processing of internal anal sphincter activity under pelvic autonomic nerve stimulation: A promising bio-sensing technology to improve surgical outcome in rectal cancer patients - Daniel W Kauff (Germany)
  • LTP08 Long term results after restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis at young age - Monique Beld (Netherlands)
  • LTP09 Is treatment with anti-TNF therapy a risk factor for free perforations in Crohn’s disease? A case control study - Emma Eshuis (Netherlands)
  • LTP10 Perianal fistulas in Crohn’s disease: treatment results in a specialized multidisciplinary unit - Igors Iesalnieks (Germany)
  • LTP11 Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer (CRC): A meta-analysis - Maryam Alfa-Wali (UK)
  • LTP12 Cross-matched blood in elective colorectal surgery: a wasted resource? - Dmitri Artioukh (UK)
  • LTP13 Is routine blood cross-matching necessary in elective laparoscopic colorectal surgery? - Diane Hildebrand (UK)
  • LTP14 Laparoscopic-assisted reversal of hartmann’s procedure - Sergey Achkasov (Russian Federation)
  • LTP15 Factors affecting weekend discharge following elective colorectal surgery - Simon Adams (UK)
  • LTP16 The impact of reoperation following colorectal resection on postoperative mortality - Elaine Burns (UK)
  • LTP17 Predictors of urgent surgery in acute complicated diverticulitis: reassessing the indications for elective surgery - Larisa Gorenstein (Israel)
  • LTP18 Value of cytological smears and PCR screening for human papilloma virus DNA in detecting anal intraepithelial neoplasia - Isabelle Etienney (France)
  • LTP19 Short course preoperative radiotherapy and long interval before surgery: impact on local control in locally advanced rectal cancer - Cinzia Sassaroli (Italy)
  • LTP20 Accuracy of endorectal ultrasonography in predicting tumor response after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer - Dajana Cuicchi (Italy)
  • LTP21 Intraoperative perforation is a major predictor of local recurrence and mortality after conventional abdominoperineal excision for rectal cancer - Steffen Bülow (Denmark)
  • LTP22 Pelvic reconstruction following exenterative surgery for colorectal cancer: Oblique Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (ORAM) vs Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator (IGAP) flap - Panagiotis A Georgiou (UK)
  • LTP23 Extended lymphadenectomy for recurrent and locally advanced primary rectal cancer - Panagiotis A Georgiou (UK)
  • LTP24 Learning curve for the management of locally advanced primary and recurrent rectal cancer: a single team’s experience - Panagiotis A Georgiou (UK)
  • LTP25 Diagnostic accuracy of 18-FDG-PET/CT and MRI in predicting local tumour invasion within different pelvic compartments in recurrent and locally advanced primary rectal cancer - Panagiotis A Georgiou (UK)
  • LTP26 Post-operative quality assessment in patients with rectal cancer by MRI of the pelvis - Peter Bondeven Frederiksen (Denmark)
  • LTP27 Early outcomes following prone abdominoperineal resection for rectal cancer - Andrew Burns (UK)
  • LTP28 Survival and metastatic patterns of signet cell and mucinous carcinoma versus adenocarcinoma of the colon and rectum - S Mohammed Ali (UK)
  • LTP29 The incidence of missed cancers in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Project: A comparison with screen-detected cancers from a single centre - Catherine Boereboom (UK)
  • LTP30 Can surgeons accurately self-assess quality of surgery in rectal cancer? - Kaori Futaba (UK)
  • LTP31 Postoperative peritoneal infection and recurrence of colorectal cancer: the postoperative inflammatory response and angiogenesis as mechanisms responsible for this association - Miguel Pera Roman (Spain)
  • LTP32 Non-mesorectal sentinel lymph node mapping in low rectal cancer: feasibility study - Toufic El-Khoury (Australia)
  • LTP33 Enhanced recovery programme: a faster and safer perioperative course - Udo Abah (UK)
  • LTP34 Prevalence of dysplastic and neoplastic lesions in patient with ileal J-pouch after restorative proctocolectomy due to Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: 25 years ob follow-up - Tomasz Banasiewicz (Poland)
  • LTP35 Is low anterior resection appropriate for treatment of solitary rectal ulcer? - Ahmad Izadpanah (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • LTP36 Closed lateral internal sphincterotomy vs. anal sphincterolysis for chronic anal fissure: a prospective, randomized and control trial - Pravin Gupta (India)
  • LTP37 Follow-up with a questionnaire of chronic anal fissures (CAF) treated with diltiazem 2% - Juan Carlos Bernal-Sprekelsen (Spain)
  • LTP38 Deterioration of anal sphincter function following second vaginal delivery in women with previous intrapartum perineal tears - J. Younis (UK)
  • LTP39 Transanal open hemorrhoidopexy: results after 3 years of treatment - Christian Helmes (Germany)
  • LTP40 Preliminary results in Starion versus classic Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy - Carlo Maria Iachino (Italy)
  • LTP41 STARR operation first experience in Iran - Rasoul Azizi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • LTP42 Transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD): the French experience - Mark Wong (France)
  • LTP43 A randomised trial of fibrin glue vs. surgery for pilonidal disease: results and long term follow up - Catherine Boereboom (UK)
  • LTP44 Treatment of proctitis, still a challenge for coloproctologists? - Irmgard Kronberger (Austria)
  • LTP45 Single incision laparoscopic colorectal surgery: initial experience of 17 cases - Frederic Bretagnol (France)
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