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This page contains details about Colorectal activity and recent news in Swiss Coloproctology Activity, along with details of our National Representative.

In Switzerland the coloproctology is in constant evolution.

The swiss visceral surgery society (SSCV)  which is the society grouping all colorectal surgeon in Switzerland strongly supports the link with the ESCP.

Furthermore, all colorectal surgeons in Switzerland would be very interested to host the annual congress in Switzerland in the coming years!

Wishing you will find useful information in this site, Dr F. Ris is ready to answer your questions and commentaries. Do not hesitate to contact him via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Swiss general Information

    •    The national population is about 8,372millions inhabitants at the 1st January 2017 The National day is on August the 1st.

There are over 4000 new colorectal cancer diagnostic each year in Switzerland

    •   Switzerland counts about 52 ESCP Members and over 30 Board certified Colorectal Surgeons (EBSQ in Coloproctology).

We organise every year the "Alpine colorectal meeting" with the support of the ESCP, also called international colorectal forum up to 2015. After 3 years in Villars, this year the meeting will be held in Wengen (https://wengen.ch/fr)  in January 2019 (http://www.icf-colorectal.com/en/).

The annual course of proctology held in Geneva every second week of February is one of the main course about proctology in Switzerland, he became international from 2011. (http://www.proctology.ch) the 23rd Advanced course in Coloproctology and Pelvic Floor Disorders will be held from the 5th to the 8th of February 2019 in Geneva.

    •    About our national representative:

Prof. Dr. med. F. Ris had been elected in June 2016 at the annual conference by his pair.

He passed his EBSQ examination in Coloproctology 2011 in Copenhagen, after a 2 year fellowship in Oxford University Hospitals.

He is the head of colorectal and proctology surgery at Geneva University hospitals, and is involved in different swiss educational and academic organisations.

President of the ASRCC (French swiss laparoscopic association, http://asrcc.ch/)

Member of the comitee of the swiss visceral surgical society, https://www.viszeralchirurgie.ch/index.php?id=3&lang=fr&cHash=2629757a586c5e39ae528c9abdbb10c0)

Member of the swiss surgical society, ESA, SALTC, ESSO, among others

Supporting any coloproctology activity in Switzerland


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