On 1 Dec 2023

The EAGLE study is now complete and delivered across 355 hospitals in 64 countries. The training platform is free of charge.

On 14 Nov 2023

The launch webinar for the latest ESCP audit and cohort study ‘WOLVERINE’ took place on 7 November, with presentations from Alaa El-Hussuna, Gabrielle van Ramshorst, James Keatley and Laura Magill.

On 10 Oct 2023

ESCP’s latest audit and cohort study, Wound Closure and Surgical Site Infection Prevention Strategies in Abdominal Surgery (WOLVERINE) was launched at the Global Reach Symposium at ESCP's 2023 Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On 23 Aug 2021

The EAGLE study is growing fast and is looking for their last 50 sites to take part in the international cluster randomised trial - could this include you? 250 sites from more than 50 countries have been randomised so far, with 1600 patients entered into the study, and over 1200 surgeons have completed the safe-anastomosis modules!

On 18 Aug 2021

ESCP's Global Reach Committee are delighted to announce that they will be running a joint session with the Korean Society of Coloproctology at this year's International Colorectal Research Summit in Seoul, Korea.

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