On 1 Jul 2017

ESCP Research Committee will formally launch this new and exciting initiative at the 2017 meeting in Berlin.

On 10 May 2017

ESCP Snapshot Audit 2017: the number of records has surpassed 3000!

On 25 Apr 2017

The top 10 league tables are out!

On 15 Mar 2017

ESCP's Cohort Studies and Audits Sub-Committee gives an update on the society's snapshot studies which form the largest study of this type ever undertaken in the field of colorectal surgery. 

On 15 Feb 2017

Titled 'The relationship between method of anastomosis and anastomotic failure after right hemicolectomy and ileo-caecal resection: an international snapshot audit', this study was designed to understand whether anastomotic technique impacts upon postoperative outcomes.

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