Levels of badging

Research activity can be badged in one of four levels (ESCP lead, ESCP badged, ESCP supported and ESCP listed) with the agreement of ESCP.

ESCP leadESCP badgedESCP supportedESCP listed

Level of badgingResearch activityPromotion by ESCP

ESCP lead

Trials, cohorts and snap shot audits that have been developed and have direct oversight by ESCP committees (research and cohort)

 Yes, strong promotion
ESCP badged

Specific research studies that after evaluation by the research committee are considered pivotal to the colorectal community

Yes, active promotion
ESCP supported Research studies accepted on the Trials map after limited internal peer review Yes, promotion
ESCP listed Research activities with no ESCP involvement On website, where appropriate

Naming of research activities

  • ESCP lead: ESCP to be named in the research activity name (e.g. ESCP Safe-anastomosis Programme in Colorectal Surgery)
  • ESCP badged: ESCP to be named as partner in the research activity description and promotions
  • ESCP supported and ESCP listed: ESCP not named
ESCP Affiliates