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Zaans Medical Center Thesis - The importance of risk-stratification in colorectal surgery

The research for this thesis has largely been performed in our unit and highlights the importance of patient risk factors in determining outcome after surgery for complicated diverticular disease.

Surgical research in complicated diverticular disease (acute and elective) is difficult because numbers are small and patient characteristics are very variable. This is the reason that prospective, let alone randomized, data are scarce. Many questions, therefore, remain unanswered.

It is our belief that multicenter and multinational research may provide some of the answers. It may well be the right time for the formation of a European Diverticular Disease Research Group.

Should you be interested in discussing this initiative please email us and, hopefully, we can get together at the ESCP meeting in Lisbon to discuss things further. Meanwhile should you need a hard copy of the thesis (limited number available) please let us know.

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