Additional Breakfast Seminar
07:30 - 08:50 We are pleased to announce that THD will be holding an additional breakfast seminar in the main auditorium entitled “Non excisional surgery for haemmorhoids”.

 Main Session
09:00 - 10:30 Symposium - Laparoscopy
Chairs: Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland)
Alex Kartheuser (Belgium)

How to implement laparoscopy surgery
in a colorectal unit
Mike Parker (UK)

The role of laparoscopy in colorectal cancer
Andrea Vignali (Italy)

Laparoscopic excision of the difficult
rectal cancer
Eric Rullier (France)

Laparoscopy in diverticulitis
Thomas Schiedeck (Germany)

Laparoscopy in IBD
Conor Delaney (USA)
 Parallel Session
09:00 - 10:30 Free paper session
Chairs: Mirko Omejc (Slovenia)
Jose Roig (Spain)

Does the detection of intraperitoneal
free cancer cells predict recurrence in
patients undergoing curative colorectal
cancer resection
- Sushil Rekhraj (United Kingdom)

Systematic review of transanal
endoscopic microsurgery (TEMS) for
rectal cancer: A safe and efficient
procedure for T1 Tumours which deserves
wider application
- Sarvi Banisadr (United Kingdom)

Peritonectomy procedures for peritoneal
carcinomatosis of colorectal origin
- Adam Farquharson (United Kingdom)

Data from the National Polyposis
Registry: Is ileorectal anastomosis still
a valid option for FAP patients in 2007?
- Daniel Leonard (Belgium)

Local Recurrence in rectal cancer: Anatomical
localisation and impact on radiation target
- Erik Syk (Sweden)

Is perforation worse than obstruction?
An analysis of outcomes of complicated
colon cancer
- Esther Kreisler (Spain)

Prolonging the interval between neoadjuvant
therapy and surgery improves pathologic
complete response and disease-free survival
in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer
- Hagit Tulchinsky (Israel)

Endoscopic stenting or surgery in incurable
left-sided colorectal cancer
(Dutch Stent-in l study):a prematurely
closed multicenter randomized trial
- Jeanin Hooft (Netherlands)

The prognostic significance of extracapsular
lymph node involvement in node positive
patients with colonic cancer
- Jan Wind (Netherlands)
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
 Main Session
11:00 - 12:00 Symposium - Pouches in ulcerative colitis
Chairs: Juan-Martí Rague (Spain)
Andrew Shorthouse (UK)

Long-term function of the ileo-anal pouch
Paris Tekkis (UK)

Long-term cancer risk in the ileo-anal pouch
Lars Börjesson (Sweden)

Michal Drews (Poland)
 Parallel Session
11:00 - 12:00 Free paper session
Chairs: Ioannis Karaitianos (Greece)
Júlio Soares Leite (Portugal)

Two hundred and thirty five laparoscopic
colorectal resections for inflammatory bowel
disease without mortality. Results of a
prospective study
- Marianne Ferron (France)

Peak Perioperative Systematic Cytokine Levels
and Septic Morbidity: A Comparison of
Laparoscopic and Open Colorectal Resection
- Sophie Noblett (United Kingdom)

Does conversion during laparoscopic colorectal
surgery increase morbidity? A single center
experience based on 536 consecutive patients
- Stephane Zalinski (France)

Local Recurrence Rate Of Rectal Cancer
Following Resection By Transanal
Endoscopic Microsyrgery
- Pauline Whitehouse (United Kingdom)

Laparoscopic versus Open Intersphincteric
Resection for Low Rectal Cancer
- Christophe Laurent (France)

Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery vs. Radical
Surgery for rectal cancer:
A quality of life perspective
- Andrew Alabi (United Kingdom)
 Main Session
12:00 - 12:30 Keynote lecture - Update on familial
adenomatous polyposis

Chair: John Nicholls (UK)

The British Journal of Surgery Lecture

Fumio Konishi (Japan)
12:30 - 13:00 Keynote lecture - Sacral nerve stimulation
for fecal incontinence - an update

Chair: Steen Buntzen (Denmark)
Klaus Matzel (Germany)

Supported by: Medtronic Europe Sarl
 Parallel Session
12:00 - 13:00 Oral poster presentations
Chairs: Aigars Martinsons(Latvia)
Mehmet Ayhan Kuzu (Turkey)

Peritoneal Carcinomatosis-
Is there a Chance for patients?
- Francis Antos (Czech Republic)

Quality of Life Assessment in the follow
up of Colorectal Cancer
- Aileen Roy (United Kingdom)

Pelvic Exenteration For T4 Rectal Cancer:
Single Unit 15 Year Experience
- Dean A Harris (United Kingdom)

Prospective evaluation of a nurse clinic for
follow-up of colorectal cancer shows high
efficiency for detection of recurrence and
referral to treatment
- Lynne Higgins (United Kingdom)

The Colorectal Cancer Multi-Disciplinary
Team Meeting Fails To Improve
Patient Survival
- Ewan MacDermid (United Kingdom)

Fractures After Preoperative Irradiation For
Rectal Cancer
- Mikael Machado (Sweden)

Implantation Of Gentamicin-Containing
Collagen Sponge Following Anterior Resection
For Rectal Carcinoma- Can It Decrease The
Leakage Risk?
- Bartlomiej Szynglarewicz (Poland)

The Association of Coloproctology Operative
Mortality Score can be used to predict
long-term survival in patients undergoing
curative surgery for colorectal cancer
- Tarek Salem (United Kingdom)

The National Bowel cancer Project
- Epidemiology and Surgical risk in the Elderly
- Emile Tan (United Kingdom)

Measuring sexual and urinary outcomes in
females following rectal cancer excision
- Paris Tekkis (United Kingdom)

The organ-preserving treatment for the
extensive urinary bladder involvement
due to advanced colorectal cancer
- Yuriy Shelygin (Russian Federation)

Laparoscopic abdomino-perineal resection
of the rectum
- Leonid Kornev (Russian Federation)
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
 Main Session
14:00 - 15:30 Symposium - Pelvic floor disorders
Chairs: Graeme Duthie (UK)
Aldo Infantino (Italy)

Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy for rectal
André D’Hoore (Belgium)

STARR update
Paul Antoine Lehur (France)

Working together with other specialties
Giovanni Romano (Italy)

Rectocele - the best approach
Anders Mellgren (Sweden)

Anal sphincter injury - surgery or SNS?
Cornelius Baeten (The Netherlands)
 Parallel Session
14:00 - 15:30 Free paper session
Chairs: Petri Aitola (Finland)
Joào Pimentel (Portugal)

Long-term outcome after transanal advancement
flap repair
- Litza Mitalas (Netherlands)

Success rate of closure of high transsphincteric
fistulas using anal fistula plug
- Mans Bohe (Sweden)

Immunostimulation to reduce recurrences
after surgery for anal condyloma acuminata
- Mistrangelo Massimiliano (Italy)

PTQ implants for the the treatment of passive
faecal incontinence
- Salvatore La Manna (Italy)

Phase II clinical trial to determine the optimal
dose,tolerance and efficacy of botulinic toxin
type A for the treatment of chronic anal
- Rosa Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez (Spain)

Biofeedback Versus Electrostimulation in
the Treatment of Post Delivery Anal
Incontinence. A randomized Clinical Trial
- Nazir Naimy (Norway)

Randomized comparison of Ligasure and
conventional diathermy
- Giovanni Milito (Italy)

Impact of stapled anopexy on stool continence
and anorectal function- Long term follow up
of 242 patients
- Stefan Riss (Austria)

Flavonoids Reduce Bleeding After Closed
- Bostjan Mlakar (Slovenia)
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break
 Main Session
16:00 - 16:30 Keynote lecture - Interpretation
of endpoints in cancer trials

Chair: Lars Påhlman (Sweden)
Marc Buyse (Belgium)
16:30 - 17:00 Keynote lecture - Management of
the advanced pelvic malignancy

Chair: Eduardo Garcia (Spain)
Peter Sagar (UK)
 Parallel Session
16:00 - 17:00 Oral poster presentations
Chairs: Pavle Kosorok (Slovenia)
Petr Tsarkov (Russia)

How Long is the Normal Aganglionic Segment
of Anorectum in Adults?
Hong-Jo Choi (Republic of Korea)

Perianal surgery into the ambulatory setting
Ioannis Kotsikoris (Greece)

A prospective Randomized Study:
Switch-off the Sacral Nerve Stimulator
During the Night?
Hanne Bech Michelsen (Denmark)

Colonic Transit Time and Scintigraphic
Assessment of Defecation in Patients with
Fecal Incontinence Treated with
Sacral Nerve Stimulation
- Hanne Bech Michelsen (Denmark)

Electrical Stimulation of the Ventral S2 Sacral
roots Induces Defecation and Antegrade
Colonic motility in Pigs
- Flemming Moller (Denmark)

A study of Accuracy of Surgical Death
- Vamsi Velchuru (United Kingdom)

Outcome after emergency surgery for acute
perforated diverticulitis in 207 cases
- Jefrey Vermeulen (Netherlands)

Surgical site infection scoring systems in
lower gastrointestinal surgical procedures
and bacteriology; Surveillance study
- Tamer Colakoglu (Turkey)

A randomized Double-Blind Trial of Typical
Diltiazem vs Glyceryltrinitrate In The Treatment
Of Chronic Anal Fissure: Preliminary Results
- Dajana Cuicchi (Italy)

Dobbler-guided Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation
for the Treatment of Symptomatic
Haemorrhoids: Early and 3-Year follow-up
Results in 100 Concecutive Patients
- Jean-Luc Faucheron (France)

European STARR Registry: 6-month
follow-up analysis
- David Jayne (United Kingdom)

Endo-anal Ultrasound Versus Endo-anal
Magnetic Resonance Imaging For
The Depiction of External Anal Sphincter
Pathology in Patients of Faecal Incontinence:
A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis
- Muhammed Sajid (United Kingdom)
17:00 - 18:00 Symposium - Rectal Cancer Surgery
Chair: Torbjörn Holm (Sweden)

Rectal Cancer Surgery
Bill Heald (UK)

Laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery
Eric Rullier (France)

Abdominoperineal resection
Bela Teleky (Austria)

Supported by: COVIDIEN formerly Tyco Healthcare
ESCP Affiliates