On 24 Sep 2020

The third and final day of #ESCP2020 Virtually Vilnius began with ESCP’s Annual General Meeting, followed by the highly anticipated symposium ‘For Trainee: Education’ which was hosted by the Chair of ESCP’s Education Committee, Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland).

Evangelos Xynos

On 23 Sep 2020

The very last symposium on the final day of Virtually Vilnius, ‘CET – Colorectal cancer’, was hosted by Evangelos Xynos (Greece), ESCP’s new President. Evangelos welcomed a diverse range of excellent European speakers who are well known for their impact and expertise within the field.

Dieter Hahnloser

On 23 Sep 2020

The first symposium on the final day of ESCP’s Virtually Vilnius focused on the importance of education for trainees and students. Dieter Hahnloser (Germany), Chair of ESCP’s Education Committee, welcomed five speakers who shared dynamic presentations on current hot topics in the field of coloproctology.

Watching Virtually Vilnius on a plane

On 22 Sep 2020

Day two of #ESCP2020 Virtually Vilnius kicked off with the highly anticipated symposium ‘ESCP Global Reach and Related Research.’ Chaired by Dion Morton (UK) and Simon Ng (Hong Kong), Chair and Co-Chair of ESCP’s Global Reach Committee, the session welcomed several colorectal specialists from across the globe who shared their knowledge and recent learnings - particularly around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charles Knowles

On 22 Sep 2020

The second symposium on day two of ESCP’s Virtually Vilnius focused exclusively on the complex topic of faecal incontinence. Charles Knowles (UK), Chair of ESCP's Research Committee and Professor of Surgery at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, hosted a range of expert speakers from across Europe who presented insightful and thought-provoking research.

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