On 30 Jan 2018

Professor Rullier, University of Bordeaux, has provided some fantastic resources for ESCP's Beyond Colorectal Cancer month which you can access here.

On 29 Jan 2018

Therese Juul, Aarhus University Hospital, highlights the LARS scoring tool, used to identify symptomatic patients and treat them afterwards, and currently available in 24 languages.

On 26 Jan 2018

Dr Jervoise Andreyev, Consultant Gastroenterologist in Pelvic Radiation Disease at the Royal Marsden (UK) has kindly identified various resources for Beyond Colorectal Cancer month.

On 16 Jan 2018

We were delighted to welcome ESCP Past President Søren Laurberg to our meeting in Berlin last year. Prof Laurberg delivered the fantastic session 'LARS - from Bedside to Bench and Back' which members can view here.

On 16 Jan 2018

Nick Battersby of Basingstoke, UK and Danish LARS Study Group has very helpfully contributes various resources to Beyond Colorectal Cancer month.

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