BK Ultrasound: powered by analogicDate: Wednesday 23 September 2015
Time: 08:00 - 11:30

Course directors: Anders Mellgren (USA), Giulio Santoro (Italy)

  • Introduction: course objectives - Anders Mellgren (USA), Giulio Santoro (Italy)
  • Normal ultrasound anatomy of the anal canal and rectum - Luis Miguel Jiménez Gómez (Spain)
  • Normal ultrasound anatomy of the pelvic floor - Giulio Santoro (Italy)
  • Ultrasound evaluation of fistula and abscess - Carlo Ratto (Italy)
  • Ultrasound evaluation of faecal incontinence - Bruno Roche (Switzerland)
  • Ultrasound in preoperative staging of rectal cancer - Johan Nordenstam (USA)


  • Ultrasound of anterior compartment disorders - Pawel Wieczorek (Poland)
  • Ultrasound of posterior compartment disorders - Giulio Santoro (Italy)
  • How can ultrasound change the clinical decision-making? - Liliana Bordeianou (USA)

Case discussions and videos

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