Throughout December, we will be focusing on Pilonidal Disease and the various options for treatment.

ESCP are delighted to have Professor Luigi Basso coordinating the month. You can view Professor Basso’s introduction to the month, as well as his presentation on minimally invasive surgery here.

Sven Peterson

On 20 Dec 2017

We caught up with Dr Sven Petersen, Asklepios Kliniken, Hamburg, and were delighted to receive his surgical video of the Limberg plasty.

On 18 Dec 2017

Martijn Gosselink and Grahame Ctercteko, Westmead Institute for Medical Research, kindly submitted a presentation 'The role of hair in the pathogenesis of pilonidal disease'.

Marco La Torre

On 18 Dec 2017

It was great to connect with Dr Marco La Torre, University of Rome, and have received his submission 'EPSiT: a new minimally invasive technique for pilonidal disease'.

On 17 Dec 2017

Many thanks to Dr Moshe Gips for contributing this presentation 'Minimally invasive surgery for pilonidal disease", which was first presented at the International Pilonidal Sinus Disease Conference in Berlin, September 2017.

Peter Wyscoki

On 13 Dec 2017

We were delighted to have Peter Wysocki, Logan Hospital Australia, contribute two presentations to Pilonidal Disease Month which readers can access here.

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