Each month the European Society of Coloproctology focuses on a different condition or technique to highlight relevant educational resources, research and videos to our members. Content is produced by leading members of the society with particular expertise in each condition or technique.

On 16 Apr 2018

Stefan HEM Clermonts kindly shared this recently published study on Quality of Life in Patients following TAMIS. The paper was published in Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery in March 2018.

Attila Bursics

On 13 Apr 2018

Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) is a specialised minimally invasive approach for early stage cancers within the rectum and lower sigmoid colon. We are grateful to Attila Bursics (Uzsoki Teaching Hospital, Budapest) for providing this video demonstrating the procedure.

On 27 Feb 2018

Dr Elmuhtady Mohamed Said, University of Sheffield, has kindly shared with us this presentation outlining percutaneous endoscopic colostomy (PEC) as treatment for Sigmoid Volvulus. This procedure is particularly for patients who would otherwise require repeat hospital admissions, and multiple endoscopic decompressions.

On 26 Feb 2018

We were happy to receive literature recommendations from Eva Angenete: "Sigmoid Volvulus is a common condition for all surgeons, but of particular importance to colorectal surgeons, as we will be the ones deciding on and performing elective surgery. One surgeon who has extensively studied this condition is Dr Sabri Selçuk Atamanalp, Ataturk University, Turkey. Here are a few of Dr Atamanalp’s recent publications."

Eva Angenete

On 23 Feb 2018

ESCP’s topic of the month for February is Sigmoid Volvulus. We caught up with Eva Angenete to talk about why this is a key area for further research.  Eva Angenete is Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Gothenberg in Sweden. Last year Dr Angenete won the Swedish Surgical Society’s Major Research Award for her work on colorectal cancer.

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