Each month the European Society of Coloproctology focuses on a different condition or technique to highlight relevant educational resources, research and videos to our members. Content is produced by leading members of the society with particular expertise in each condition or technique.

Zoe Garoufalia, Gloria Zaffaroni and Toni Seppälä

On 25 Jun 2020

Interview by Zoe Garoufalia and Gloria Zaffaroni. Lynch syndrome is characterised by predisposition to colorectal, endometrial, and other cancers, and is caused by autosomal dominant inherited pathogenic variants affecting the DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, and PMS2. It is probably the most common predisposition to cancer. Despite its high estimated prevalence, up until now, there were no reliable long term data of MMR variant carriers in order to plan their treatment according to evidence-based medicine principles.

On 19 Feb 2020

ESCP’s focus throughout January centred around strengthening the society’s global reach as it continues its dedication towards promoting and advancing the prevention, treatment, education and research into colorectal disease internationally.

On 9 Jan 2020

ESCP’s focus throughout December centred around sharing information and insights on the topic of Crohn’s disease across our social networks.

New Yorker cover with women surgeons

On 11 Dec 2019

Throughout November, ESCP promoted and shared information and insights across its network on social media on the topic of Women In Surgery. Using the hashtag #womeninsurgery on twitter, our colorectal community was encouraging to engage with each other to share ideas, thoughts, inspiration and questions around the subject.

On 5 Jul 2019

Throughout June ESCP shared several informative and though-provoking videos from a number of contributors to its monthly topic: Haemorrhoids.

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