Each month the European Society of Coloproctology focuses on a different condition or technique to highlight relevant educational resources, research and videos to our members. Content is produced by leading members of the society with particular expertise in each condition or technique.

On 17 Feb 2023

Faecal Incontinence Month: Diagnosis in Faecal incontinence - what should we know? An interview with Dr José de Assunção Gonçalves

On 13 Feb 2023

Watch the full interview with Dr Nicola Avellaneda below and learn what treaments Prof Christensen and his team utilise, and his thoughts on the ESCP Faecal Incontinence Audit. 

On 10 Feb 2023

Jeremy Meyers interviews Dr Alexandre Balaphas on the prevalence of anal incontinence

On 6 Feb 2023

In this interview with Dr Nicolas Avellaneda, Dr Ricardo Mentz shares with us what resources he uses when diagnosing and treating patients who suffer from faecal incontinence, what limitations he finds when accessing treatments, and why he thinks it is so important for hospitals in Latin America to join the ESCP audit for Faecal Incontinence.

On 2 Feb 2023

Audrius Dulskas, colorectal surgeon and surgical oncologist at National Cancer Institute of Vilnius, Lithuania, shares with the ESCP audience details on the recent ESCP audit for Faecal Incontinence.

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