08:00 - 09:00

Symposium: New Methods in Low Rectal Cancer

Chairs: Eric Rullier (France), Michel Adamina (Switzerland)

  • Transanal TME - technique step-wise approach - Antonio Lacy (Spain)
  • Transanal TME - what can go wrong? - Antonino Spinelli (Italy)
  • Individualised APE - Petr Tsarkov (Russia)
08:00 - 08:45

Oral Posters (Neoplasia)

Chairs: Marc Duinsleager (Belgium), Goran Barisic (Serbia)

  • OP49: Ano(neo-)rectal functional outcome following TaTME - Werner Kneist (Germany)
  • OP50: Incidental colorectal FDG-uptake on PET/CT scan: what does subsequent colonoscopy show? - Sabrina Just Kousgaard (Denmark)
  • OP51: Analysis of anatomic variants of superior mesenteric artery and vein using multidetector computed tomography - Ayhan Kuzu (Turkey)
  • OP52: Postoperative use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the risk for anastomotic leakage after anterior resection for rectal cancer - Daniel Kverneng Hultberg (Sweden)
  • OP53: Does synchronous polypectomy in the presence of malignancy confer an increased risk of local recurrence? - a retrospective analysis - Zhi Peng Nick Ng (Singapore)
  • OP54: Should we 'eat' the cost of doughnuts? No clinical benefit from routine histologic examination of doughnuts at low anterior resection for rectal cancer - Johan Nordenstam (USA)
  • OP55: Improved specimen quality with laparoscopic versus open colonic resection for cancer: a nationwide propensity score matched study - Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang (Denmark)
  • OP56: Accuracy of preoperative T and N staging in colon cancer - a national population-based study - Annika Sjövall (Sweden)
  • OP57: Risk of pelvic and hip fracture after anal cancer: a Danish nationwide cohort study - Kåre Gotschalck Sunesen (Denmark)

09:00 - 09:30

Keynote Lecture: Neuropelveology: New Ground-breaking Discipline in Medicine

Chair: Donato Altomare (Italy)

Speaker: Marc Possover (Switzerland)

09:30 - 09:45

ESCP Honorary Member Awards

Chair: Stefan Post (Germany)

This year, ESCP is delighted to award honorary memberships to:

  • Adam Dziki (Poland) - with an introduction by Alexander Herold (Germany)
  • Angelita Habr-Gama (Brazil) - with an introduction by Geerard Beets (The Netherlands)
  • Werner Hohenberger (Germany) - with an introduction by Søren Laurberg (Denmark)
09:45 - 09:50

BJSESCP Best Paper and Best New Trial Presentation AwardsESCP - European Society of Coloproctology

The ESCP Best Paper prize is donated by the BJS Society

09:50 - 10:05

Medtronic: Further, TogetherEthicon: part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companiesESCP Fellowship UpdateESCP - European Society of Coloproctology

Chairs: Stefan Post (Germany), Filippo La Torre (Italy)


  1. Gabriele Böhm (Germany) visited University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark
  2. Gianluca Pellino (Italy) visited The Royal Marsden, London, United Kingdom

2015-2016 ESCP Fellowships are supported by educational partners Ethicon and Medtronic

10:05 - 11:05

Symposium: Anastomatic Leak in Rectal Surgery

Chairs: Feza Remzi (USA), Ronan P. O'Connell (Ireland)

  • Prevention - Frederic Ris (Switzerland)
  • How to handle the acute leak? - Gordon Carlson (UK)
  • How to handle the chronic leak? - Pieter Tanis (The Netherlands)
11:05 - 11:30 Coffee Break/Exhibition/Posters
11:15 - 12:15 Frankenman International LimitedFrankenman Satellite Symposium: Transanal TME - from innovation to widespread adoption

Educational: Information on the EBSQ Examination

Chair: Janindra Warusavitarne (UK)

  • UEMS and EBSQ: what is it all about? - Klaus Matzel (Germany)
  • Mock exam - Dieter Hahnloser (Switzerland)
  • Mock exam - John Nicholls (UK)
11:30 - 12:15

Oral Posters (IBD)

Chairs: Karen Nugent (UK), Alexandre Duarte (Portugal)

  • OP58: Cell therapy in patients with fistulous Crohn's disease is safe and effective: a phase I-II clinical trial - Jorge Baixauli-Fons (Spain)
  • OP59: Anti-TNF therapy is associated with increased risk of postoperative morbidity after surgery for ileocolonic Crohn's disease: outcome analysis in a prospective nationwide cohort of 592 patients conducted by the GETAID chirurgie group - Antoine Brouquet (France)
  • OP60: Risk for anastomotic leakage after ileorectal anastomosis – a cohort study - Christian Buchli (Sweden)
  • OP61: Close rectal dissection versus total mesorectal excision in patients with inflammatory bowel disease - Joline de Groof (The Netherlands)
  • OP62: Are angiogenic mechanisms in mesenteric adipose tissue of Crohn's disease patients dysregulated? - Mohammad Eddama (UK)
  • OP63: Factors affecting outcome after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) with and without defunctioning ileostomy - Sarah Goodbrand (UK)
  • OP64: Adipose-derived stem cell treatment for complex Crohn’s perianal abscess/fistula when conventional operations have failed - Eon Chul Han (Republic of Korea)
  • OP65: Usefulness of endoscopic balloon dilation for colorectal strictures in patients with Crohn’s disease who underwent administration of TNF-alfa inhibitor - Fumihito Hirai (Japan)
  • OP66: Campylobacter concisus in chronic pouchitis - Karina Frahm Kirk (Denmark)
12:15 - 12:45

Keynote Lecture: Clincial Importance of Somatic Mutations and Subgroups in Colorectal Cancer

Chair: Alexander Engel (Australia)

Speaker: Jan Paul Medema (The Netherlands)

12:45 - 13:45 Lunch/Exhibition/Posters/Lunchtime Posters
12:45 - 13:45

Educational: Controversies in New Technology: Robotics in Colorectal Surgery

Chairs: Adam Dziki (Poland), Mike Parker (UK)

  • Pro robotic in colorectal surgery - Paolo Pietro Bianchi (Italy)
  • Contra robotic in colorectal surgery - Steven Wexner (USA) 
13:45 - 14:45

Symposium: Treatment for Colon Cancer - Time for a Change?

Chairs: Werner Hohenberger (Germany), Ismail Gogenur (Denmark)                                                 

  • Management of locally advanced colonic cancers - Dion Morton (UK)
  • What is CME? - Ahyan Kuzu (Turkey)
  • Critical appraisal of CME: surgery for locally advanced colonic cancers - Des Winter (Ireland)

ESCP Lunchtime Poster Award

Presented by: Anna Martling (Sweden), Kaspars Snippe (Latvia), Emmanuel Tiret (France)

14:45 - 16:15

Consultants’ Corner

Facilitators: Evangelos Xynos (Greece), Sebastiano Biondo (Spain)

Panel: Willem Bemelman (The Netherlands), Lene Iversen (Denmark), Feza Remzi (USA), Patricia Roberts (USA), Giovanni Romano (Italy), Marek Szczepkowski (Poland), Steven Wexner (USA)

16:15 - 16:20 Closing ceremony
ESCP Affiliates