The Regional Events Working Group has successfully organised masterclasses around Europe over the last seven years. View reports on these events here >

Following the success of these masterclasses, ESCP now has similar events with partners beyond Europe.

Details of future masterclasses are given in Upcoming ESCP Educational Events >

An ESCP Masterclass

  • Is intended to promote colorectal surgery in a country and to present ESCP activities.
  • Is a one-day event in conjunction with a national colorectal or surgical meeting; either before, in the middle or at the end of the meeting. It should not be during other sessions. It is a stand-alone event.
  • The local organizer (national society/working group) chooses the main topic.
  • The application form needs to be sent to the ESCP office and will be discussed at the next meeting of the REWG (Regional Event Working Group) of ESCP.
  • According to the chosen topic, ESCP designates an ESCP organizer.
  • Both organizer (local and ESCP) then draft a program (50% local speakers and 50% ESCP speakers, respect diversity).
  • There is a strict timeline to respect:
    • Sponsorship must be secured 6 months prior to the event taking place
    • Draft Programme must be submitted to ESCP 6 months prior to the event taking place.
      • Final Programme to be submitted to ESCP 5 months prior to the event.
    • Financials and reporting must be submitted to ESCP 4 months post event.
  • ESCP will do the promotion via its SoMe channels.
  • Finances; ESCP can help finding sponsors.

If you would like to host a masterclass in your country, please fill out the application form here >

Dieter Hahnloser with Jared Torkington at the Cardiff Masterclass
Dieter Hahnloser, Chair of ESCP's Education Committee, with Jared Torkington at the Cardiff Masterclass, November 2019
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