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This page contains details about Colorectal Surgery and research in Norway. The Norwegian Society for Colorectal Surgery is a part of the Norwegian Association of Gastrointestinal Surgery, a suborganization of the Norwegian Medical Association ( Also, information about the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Registry is presented  HERE:

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Bjorn Steinar Nedreboe
Population: 5 million
ESCP Members: 25
Colorectal Surgeons: Approximately 120
Society: Norwegian Society of Colorectal Surgery, Norwegian Association for Gastrointestinal Surgery  

ESCP Representative Name: Bjorn Steinar Nedreboe
National Examination: None


Relevant achievements in Norway include:

1994: Establishment of the Norwegian Rectal Cancer Registry

2007: Establishment of the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Registry

2010: New evidence-based government endorsed national guidelines for colorectal cancer

2002-2020: Gradual improvement nationwide of 5 year  relative survival  in rectal cancer patients, currently at 73%, and for colon cancer at  72%

From 2012 New national database for liver met. surgery

2015 Establishing of LapcoNor, a regional (South East Health Authority) education program for laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery in cooperation with the Lapco program in UK

From 2016 National registry for complications after GI surgery; NORGAST

2016 Establishing of the new Norwegian Society for Colorectal Surgery

Current Research

New National trial: "Watch and Wait" in patients with complete clinical response (CCR) after neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy for primary locally advanced rectal cancer. Protocol finished by Des. 2016. Start of inclusion January - February 2018, is stopped due to high number of metastases.

Future Plans

Norwegian Registry for Treatment of Fecal Incontinence

Norwegian registry for Treatment of Rectal Prolapse

Development of LapcoNor into a national education program 

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